'Make It or Break It' Star Cassie Scerbo Talks 'Baby Daddy' Debut
'Make It or Break It' Star Cassie Scerbo Talks 'Baby Daddy' Debut
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Cassie Scerbo, who is best known for starring on the gymnastics drama Make It or Break It, will make her ABC Family comeback tonight as she guest stars on Baby Daddy. She'll be playing Riley's (Chelsea Kane) former archenemy Heather, who seems to have a lot in common with her former character Lauren Tanner.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Heather is "described as beautiful, successful, driven, confident and calculating. Riley and Heather used to spend every summer together when they were teens at sports camp, fighting on the field and over boys -- Heather always won." In tonight's episode entitled "Romancing the Phone," Heather reunites with Riley, who sets out a plan to prove to Heather that she's a winner with the help of Danny.

"We all know that my character on Make It or Break It [Lauren Tanner] was pretty snarky and catty," Scerbo said in an interview. "She was kind of the 'B-word' of the show .  Make It or Break It was a drama and Lauren Tanner had a lot of layers.  She had a very vulnerable side, and I think as the show progressed, people were able to understand why she was so promiscuous and always causing trouble. There were a lot of things in her life that had caused her to be that way.  With my character on Baby Daddy [Heather], it's a comedy.  She just comes in right off the bat super snarky.  It's just one of those girls you're like 'Ugh, I can't stand you!'" 

"Heather is just better than Riley in everything by a little bit and it's really funny," she added.  "There are just so many funny things that happen throughout the two episodes, but I would say they're both very catty; yet, the difference is that on Make It or Break It, I was playing a much younger character.  In this show, I'm playing a young attorney, and it is a little bit of an age difference and whatnot. It's a comedy opposed to a drama, but it's just another one of those fun catty characters that you just can't help but to hate."

Scerbo, who will be appearing in at least two episodes of Baby Daddy, is definitely expected to ruffle some feathers. "My character basically comes in and stirs up a bunch of trouble for Chelsea's character [Riley]," she said. "I tend to have a lot of fun with these characters and happen to be cast as this type of girl very often so it's very fun for me -- I guess I play it quite well! It was just fun to hop back on board and play another fun, catty character and stir up some trouble."

Aside from Baby Daddy, Scerbo has other projects, including an animation gig and her music. "I'm on a cartoon on Disney Channel," she said. "It's a new cartoon.  It's called Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja and it's just so fun.  It's just a different thing, and you can go in your pajamas and just have some of the different voices.  I play Heidi Weinerman."
"I'm getting back into my music," she added. " I finally released a very simple fun cover video because I told my fans when I reached 100,000 followers on Twitter that I would.  So, I released my first one and I look forward to continuously releasing some others."

Baby Daddy airs Wednesdays at 8:30/7:30c on ABC Family.

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