Tegan and Sara on MTV's 'Awkward': 5 Songs We Need to Hear
Tegan and Sara on MTV's 'Awkward': 5 Songs We Need to Hear
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
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Awkward fans have a lot to be thankful for lately. Not only are lovebirds Matty and Jenna finally official, but the third season of the show has been expanded to 20 episodes. And now MTV has given fans two more reasons to be thankful: Tegan and Sara. 

Thanks to its MTV home (little known fact: the M stands for music!), Awkward has always had great music. This musical pedigree is about to get even better when twin-sister pop duo Tegan and Sara stop by the May 7 episode to play music supervisors! 

Can't wait to see what Tegan and Sara have up their sleeves for the newest installment? Here is the band's song list, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly:

The Courtneys, "90210"
Diana, "Perpetual Surrender"
Sucre, "Say Something"
Ok Sweetheart, "All We Have"
Tegan and Sara, "I Was A Fool"

However this got us thinking: what if you scored Awkward entirely with Tegan and Sara songs? Surely the indie pop duo has enough songs about awkward situations, love triangles, and teen existential crisises? 

Just in case Tegan and Sara haven't locked down their song list, here are some humble suggestions from their own catalog we'd love to see grace the show:

Best Song to Celebrate the Fact That You're Not Pregnant: "Closer"

This season on Awkward, blogging protagonist Jenna had a pregnancy scare with boyfriend Matty. While it briefly looked like history was about to start repeating itself, it turned out to be just a scare. However the near-baby did unearth some cracks in the Matty-Jenna relationship. This boisterous Tegan and Sara ditty is perfect for a night out celebrating the fact that you're not going to be starring on MTV's other hit, Teen Mom. 

When You're in a BFGFBFF Situation With an Ex: "So Jealous"

This season, Tamara was psyched to finally rope Jenna into the coveted BFGFBFF date. What is a BFGFBFF date? It stands for boyfriend, girlfriend, best friends forever and Tamara was excited to go out with her best friends and her boyfriend. But things really did not go as planned. Perhaps when Tamara dreamed up this date, she didn't think she'd be dating Jenna's ex Jake. This Tegan and Sara song is all about jealousy, which both Tamara and Matty were feeling after seeing that Jenna and Jake still have a connection.

When You're Stuck in a Love Triangle: "Don't Confess"

The first two seasons of Awkward wouldn't have been quite as compelling without the Matty-Jenna-Jake love triangle. While the triangle is settled (for the moment) this Tegan and Sara song about confessing about your misdeeds could have gotten the romantic trio closure a lot faster if they had followed the song's advice. 

Best Song to Listen to While Blogging About Your Life: "Walking With a Ghost"

Whether blogging about love triangle complications or setting the record straight when everyone thought she tried to kill herself, Jenna has certainly had a lot of material to fill her blog. This jaunty Tegan and Sara song is upbeat yet haunting, much like Jenna's complicated life.

Best Break Up Song: "I Was A Fool"

Breakups are a part of any good teen drama. And whether it was Sadie breaking up with Ricky (RIP) or Jenna breaking up with Jake, there has been plenty of heartbreak. This Tegan and Sara song probably encapsulates how Jake initially felt after learning Jenna had once hooked up with best friend Matty.

So those are the songs we'd chose if we were music supervisors. What about you? Are you looking forward to Tegan and Sara scoring Awkward? What are your favorite Tegan and Sara songs? And which ones would you love to see gracing all the awkward action on MTV's hit? Sound off in the comments! 

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