Exclusive: Matthew Fahey Talks 'Awkward' Love Triangles
Exclusive: Matthew Fahey Talks 'Awkward' Love Triangles
At the end of the first season of MTV's high school hit Awkward band geek player Ricky finally hooked up with Tamara. But this is a teen soap and thus the waters of true love aren't always smooth. The sailing is a lot smoother for Matthew Fahey than the character he plays. With his role on Awkward and two movies at Sundance, he's been having a very good year.

BuddyTV was lucky enough to speak to Fahey about what's coming up on Awkward, keeping up with the shiftlessness on Teen Wolf and those "awkward" love triangles.

So in the season 1 finale of Awkward Ricky finally chose Tamara. Can you tell us a little bit about where that relationship will go in season 2?

Well you'll definitely see a little bit of the relationship in the first episode. And throughout the season you'll see it. It always has its ups and downs, so I think everybody is going to be very surprised.

Ricky's a band geek but he's also a bit of a player; he's always trying to hook up with the girls from the band. Is there going be any drama or love triangles when it comes to Ricky and Tamara?

Ricky always has something up his sleeve, so there definitely will be him screwing around a little bit. I think you may possibly see a love triangle.

Since you're now dating Jenna's best friend what can we expect from that dynamic?

I mean you know Jenna's always there for Tamara and I'm always kind of making Tamara upset. So I think you'll definitely see them comforting each other a lot this season and showing what good friends they really are.

Do you relate to your character? And if so, how?

I do in the nerd sense, not the player sense. My mom raised me to be very respectful to women so I've never played a girl, but I'm a pretty big nerd. I love playing video games and I have a comic book collection and I collect baseball cards and things like that. So I would say I'm kind of a nerd.

Since all the characters in Awkward are in high school, how would you describe your high school experience? And which character from Awkward do you most relate to?

I would say I'm more like Matty. I guess a mix between him and Ricky, because I was kind of nerdy with my video games and all those kind of things but I played sports my entire life. Matty's  the athlete and that's kind of who I hung out with. I played every sport in the book so I would definitely say Matty.

What drew you to the role in Awkward?

Well I auditioned for a different part and then they brought me in for a callback for Ricky.  I was like "OK, this seems like this will be a lot of fun." So I went in there and I was just ridiculous with the character and I guess it worked.

If you could play any other character on Awkward who would you be?

I think it would be fun to play Sadie. I mean Molly [Tarlov] comes on set and she's one of the nicest girls. Then she turns the switch and she's this really nasty, mean character. I think I would play Sadie!

What storylines or maybe teen issues can we expect Awkward to explore in season 2?

I mean you'll definitely see the love triangles. You'll see those love triangles and the tug-of-war with guys.  Then you'll also see the awkwardness of everything, because everything is just totally awkward.

So Awkward is sort of breaking stereotypes when it comes to teenagers and it's very relatable to teens. What are your thoughts on that?

It's very true to life. I mean everybody can relate to each character. Everybody has known or had a Ricky Schwartz. Everybody knows a Jenna, where it's like the cute girl but then at the same time she's still kind of weird. And there's rumors going around, most of them are probably not true but it's the popular girls that are making those rumors. Then of course the bullies, which is a huge thing right now with all the bullying that is going on. Sadie is good to show that side too and it's good to kind of get it out there. It's funny in the show, but at the same time it's not a good thing. Then the two jock guys that are best friends but like the same girl. It's just everything about the show is very true and I relate to all of it.

Teens are obviously relating to Awkward and it's mirroring the issues in their lives, like you mentioned bullying. What TV show was that for you growing up?

Friday Night Lights
. When I was in high school that was like my life growing up watching that. I loved it and I wanted to move to Austin ASAP. No, not Austin I wanted to move to Dillon. They filmed it in Austin but we'll say I would move to Dillon.

Well, I mean you wanted to be a Panther.

Of course. I wanted Coach to be my dad! [laughs]

Who doesn't? So what do you like best about working on Awkward?

You know everyone is just like a big family and the writing is amazing. The script and the material we're working with are great. We all go to set and we all have fun. It's just like a big family. We all have a really good time on set. It's never really stressful at all and everybody gets along really well.

Obviously Awkward shares a home with some other popular MTV shows like Teen Wolf and the Jersey Shore. Do you think Awkward is ever going to try to incorporate more scandalous storylines? Are people going to start being shirtless more often on Awkward or getting into hot tubs?

You're definitely going to see Beau's [Mirchoff] chest a lot this season. I think it's actually written into the script! It goes "Matty's majestic chest" in a couple of the scenes. It's pretty funny how they described his chest. Yea so I think you're going to see Matty with his shirt off a couple times.

Well they have to keep up.

Definitely! Well on Teen Wolf they're practically naked the whole episode.

I think they're naked from the credits onwards. Do you watch any of the other MTV shows?

You know I just watched Teen Wolf the other day. My friend Dylan O'Brien is on the show. I actually have known him for a little bit, I've known him for over a year now. I watched the show and he's such a great actor, I mean he's an incredible actor. Tyler's great and I actually worked with a couple of other people who are on the show. It's good to see them all working and having a job and being able to do some good work. It's a good show, I liked it!

You have two movies at Sundance coming up.

It should be coming up pretty soon, I had small roles in both of them. That's actually how I met Dylan.  I did a movie with Dylan which I was in for a quick second, but it's called The First Time. Then I did another movie with AnnaLynne McCord, Ray Wise, Ariel Winter, Malcolm McDowell, and Matthew Gray Gubler, it's called Excision.

What can you tell us about those movies and what was it like to work with so many other television actors?

On The First Time I actually worked with Britt Robertson who is like my sister, so it was great to be able to work with her. I've known her since I moved out here and she was one of my first friends in LA. So it was really cool to be able to work with people you know. That movie is just kind of her and Dylan having this little love story that happens over a weekend. It's cute and funny and you'll laugh and you'll cry and all of the above.

Excision is this crazy, out-of-the-box story and you'll leave the theater going "Oh my god what did I just watch? That was incredible but I don't know what to think about it." It's crazy; it brings you on this crazy trip. It's unexpected but it's a dark comedy at the same time. It will definitely surprise you! Both the movies are great and I was very blessed to be a part of both of them.

What are you most excited for viewers to see in Awkward season 2?

Last year kind of established the characters and this season you get to see a little bit more happening. It takes place two weeks after the winter formal. If you guys enjoyed last season you're going to enjoy this season ten times more because they raised the bar last season and the bar has been raised even more this year.

Morgan Glennon
Contributing Writer

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