'Awake' Video: A Serial Killer and an Unraveling World in 'Oregon'
'Awake' Video: A Serial Killer and an Unraveling World in 'Oregon'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Have you been waiting for Awake to get weirder?

If so, then this week's Awake episode, "Oregon," will be perfect for you. Of course, this particular episode is awesome enough that it should be perfect for just about everyone. Why exactly should you watch? Keep reading for five reasons to tune in and for an Awake promo video.

WARNING: There are plenty of mild Awake spoilers in this article. Not that there are enough for you to figure out what's going on -- even a full episode of Awake is rarely enough to achieve that. But Awake spoilers are still there, so watch out.

A Look at "Oregon"
While the promo for this week's Awake episode, "Oregon," does not go into too much detail about the episode, you can get the gist of the story from the video.

Instead of the normal homicide case-of-the-week, Michael Britten is faced with a particularly twisted problem: A serial killer -- nicknamed Gemini -- has struck. Thanks to Britten's unusually twisted psyche, the detective not only investigates the case, he becomes part of it.

Can Michael Britten provide insight into finding a serial killer? Or has he finally jumped off of the deep end? Could Britten even be a criminal himself? Those questions permeate this Awake episode.

Five Spoiler-y Reasons Why You Should Watch "Oregon"
If the video was not enough to pique your Awake appetite, here are five more reasons why you need to tune in to this episode:

  • The title of the episode refers to a possibly huge change in Michael Britten's life -- one of his lives anyway.
  • Pay attention to the serial killer's name -- Gemini. The duality of Awake may rise to whole new levels as a result of this character.
  • How many out-of-nowhere solutions and "hunches" can Britten have before his colleagues start assuming the worst? We may just get the answer in "Oregon."
  • The relationship between Britten's two worlds becomes increasingly complicated in this episode. Could a serial killer that exists in one world possibly be absent in the other?
  • If you like ongoing, episode-to-episode plots, "Oregon" has you covered. There will definitely be more to come of parts of this one.

The next Awake episode, "Oregon" airs on Thursday, March 29 at 10pm on NBC.

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