'RHONYC' Star Aviva Drescher Defends Reunion Apology
'RHONYC' Star Aviva Drescher Defends Reunion Apology
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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After Aviva Drescher spent the second half of The Real Housewives of New York City season 5 trashing co-stars Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan, they weren't too keen on accepting her apology at the reunion. But Aviva continues to assert that her apology was and still is genuine.

"An apology, in my opinion, is putting a relationship and another person's feelings before your own ego," Aviva explained on her Bravo blog. "It is about making a wrong right. I take an apology very seriously, whether I am giving one or receiving one. When I apologize, I mean it through words and by actions. It is not about winning, losing or keeping score."

As for how her apology affected Ramona and Sonja, Aviva regrets not doing things differently.

"I apologized to Ramona and Sonja for the way I spoke to them in St. Barths," she said. "I was wrong to allow my emotions get the best of me. As a result, not only did I hurt people, but my message was lost. I have really learned my lesson and only wish that I had sincerely apologized sooner."

Is it possible that Aviva only saw the error of her ways after she had a good look at herself with the rest of the country when it was aired on TV? Well, Ramona doesn't seem to think so. She says Aviva continued to trash her and Sonja on Twitter and on her blog even after seeing the episodes.

"Aviva apologized to me on the reunion," Ramona wrote on her Bravo blog. "Do I believe she is sincere? You tell me. It seems to me that she only decided to apologize after the fans turned on her. Leading up to the episode where she lost it, Aviva was talking to many different press outlets and taking to her Twitter to attack us. It was only when there was a major backlash against her on Twitter, the press and Bravo blog comments that she decided to apologize on the reunion to me. I wish no one ill will and I am taking in Aviva's apology. I am cautious though as her actions have not matched her words."

What do you think? Was Aviva's apology sincere?

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