'Big Brother 14' Recap: Double Eviction, Double the Drama
'Big Brother 14' Recap: Double Eviction, Double the Drama
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The best hour of the summer has finally arrived. Big Brother 14's live double eviction episode takes a week's worth of drama and crams it into 60 minutes.

First up is a vote between Boogie and Jenn, but then we get a new HoH, nominations, a Power of Veto and a second eviction. It's also a historic night because, for the first time all season, Shane will NOT play in a competition. He's the only person to participate in all six HoH competitions and all six PoV competitions, but as outgoing HoH, he can't play this time.

I'll be here live blogging the intense action, so strap yourself in for a wild ride.

Before the action we get to see some of the madness that ensued after the Power of Veto ceremony. This episode should be two hours, because there was a LOT of insanity. It's so funny how Boogie is reading all of Dan's actions as cocky when his niceness seems mildly genuine. Boogie is such a thoroughly unpleasant person that I just find it annoying when he complains about how mean OTHER people are.

Things get very, very awkward in the house and Boogie calls Shane out in front of everyone about why he jerked them around about the replacement nomination. Boogie calls Shane Dan's bitch and Frank promises that Shane is now #1 on his list while Dan has moved to #2.

Dan reads the Bible while Boogie and Frank bully him and get bitchy. They are total bullies and Dan, Zen Master that he is, just takes it and doesn't respond.

Jenn takes the opposite approach, raging against Shane. Girl, you're a pawn! A totally useless pawn! I have no idea why she's overreacting so much. Ian agrees that this tattooed dragon needs to calm down.

Nominee Speeches #1

Jenn gives a rather boring, boilerplate speech where she says nothing important or interesting. Now it's time for her to fade into the background.

Boogie calls out Joe and begs him for a vote, knowing that's the only hope he has. But then he invokes Joe's family, which is just kind of sleazy.

The First Vote

Ashley votes to evict...JENN
Britney votes to evict...BOOGIE
Joe votes to evict...BOOGIE
Frank votes to evict...JENN
Dan votes to evict...BOOGIE
Ian votes to evict...BOOGIE
Danielle votes to evict...BOOGIE


Ian tells Boogie as he leaves that he respects him, though he might see things he doesn't like. As he walks out the door, Boogie tells Frank that Ian can not be trusted. I guess the cat's out of the bag about the Quack Pack.

In Boogie's interview with Julie, he's pretty shell-shocked because, even though he probably knew he was going, getting played by Ian is leaving him reeling. Britney's goodbye message  has a bit of play acting about taking a call from Janelle and telling her Boogie isn't in the house any more. It's hilarious and she's well on her way to winning America';s Favorite for a second time

Ian confesses to betraying Boogie in his goodbye message, and Boogie simply takes his hat off to the kid. Boogie's actually proud of Ian and the Quack Pack. It's amazing how much more likeable and pleasant Boogie is when he's outside of the house.

The HoH Competition

It's the Before or After quiz. God, I'm so nervous that I can't even imagine how the HGs feel.

Ashley is out on question 1.
Joe, Jenn and Dan are all out on question 2.
Frank is out on question 3.
Everyone is safe on question 4.
Britney is out on question 5.

It's down to Danielle and Ian, causing a tie-breaker. The question is how many SECONDS the lemon and lime competition was. It was just 400, but Ian guesses 1,000 and Danielle goes for 1,200.


Oh snap, this is insane! Ian is having a very big episode today. It's just a shame he won't get a full week as HoH, because that would be fun.


We briefly see Ian demanding that Joe give him a week of safety. People had better watch out, because with this gigantic move revealed, I honestly think Ian is now the frontrunner to win and would beat anyone in the finale, even Dan or Shane or Frank.

Ian nominates Frank and Ashley.

Ian is very sorry, and this is definitely as awkward as it can be, since 24 hours ago Frank and Ashley thought Ian was the ONLY person they could trust. Man, Sunday's episode is gonna be AMAZING, showing all the drama.

The Power of Veto Competition

During the commercial break, Shane, Danielle and Joe were picked to play.

It's basically the infamous "Clown Shoe" challenge where the HGs must find two clovers in a pot of gold balls. Whoever gets them both, then retrieves the Veto symbol, wins.

Ian is the first person to find a clover. Frank finds one next, followed by Joe, Danielle and Shane.

Frank gets his second clover! Uh oh.


Well, this is gonna be awkward. Frank is gonna stay, but he's not going to have ANY friends and he has a hit list a mile long. Also, Frank now ties Shane with five competition wins, pushing him into an elite class as well. The only other time two people each won five competitions in the same season was in season 9 with Ryan and Crazy James. This also means there are two players this season to win three PoVs, and the only other time that happened was season 12 with Brendon and Britney.

And now the Power of Veto winners list is super easy to remember this season. Shane, Shane Shane, Danielle, Frank, Frank, Frank.

After the competition, Frank quickly tries to see if Britney and Shane will vote out Joe instead of Ashley if he's the replacement nominee. He promises them that Dan would still be his top target if they do.

Frank saves himself and Ian nominates Joe.

Everyone is very breathless and exhausted. That was one wild night. And I'm not totally sure who will go. I feel like Ashley is the smart bet since she's totally devoted to Frank, and they need to isolate him if they ever want a shot at evicting him.

Nominee Speeches #2

Ashley is tongue-tied and very inarticulate, admitting as such. It's kind of funny and kind of sad, and she asks not to be evicted because she chose a side.

Joe doesn't say a word and simply pantomimes that they should keep him and evict Ashley. This has been a funny night.

The Second Vote

Jenn votes to evict...ASHLEY
Shane votes to evict...ASHLEY
Britney votes to evict...ASHLEY
Frank votes to evict...JOE
Danielle votes to evict...ASHLEY
Dan votes to evict...ASHLEY


Wow, what a topsy-turvy evening. Usually the big strong guy is the shield for the dumb blonde (see Jeff and Jordan), but this time it's the opposite. And in one night Frank just lost the only two people he could trust.

Ashley immediately praises Julie Chen's side pony. Inside the house Frank calls out Danielle and Britney for hiding behind Dan and Shane. Frank is steaming and this is gonna be a GREAT night of Big Brother: After Dark. Ashley is funny and totally clueless in her interview. But now she's heading to the jury house to chase butterflies.

That's it. The next HoH competition will be later tonight, and I'll have an update when it's over. It's pretty obvious that Frank will need to win either HoH or PoV EVERY SINGLE WEEK, or he's going home.

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