'The Bachelor' Deleted Scene: Sean Surprises AshLee for Her Birthday
'The Bachelor' Deleted Scene: Sean Surprises AshLee for Her Birthday
Sarah Watson
Sarah Watson
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Monday's episode of The Bachelor was pretty busy. With all the focus on free falling Harlequin romance and mean girl drama, there wasn't enough time to fit in this sweet little moment between AshLee and Sean. But don't worry! ABC has shared the video, so fans can watch as AshLee obsesses over Sean and comes thisclose to seeming like a crazy stalker. 

The clip begins appropriately with AshLee asking, "Do you wanna hear something crazy?" "Yes, I would love to hear something crazy," Sean replies. So would the rest of America. Hello, that's why we're watching The Bachelor

AshLee's so smitten with Bachelor Sean that she can't even eat or sleep. "My mind is just spinning with our ten little minutes I got with you," she tells him, verifying the power of love at first sight (and OCD). 

When Sean doesn't know what to say to something, his go-to line seems to be, "I love that." If a girl tells him she values family more than anything else? He loves that. Tense discussions about race relations? He loves that, too! So when AshLee confesses that she's becoming a crazed, love-starved insomniac, Sean totally loves it. 

Seriously though, it's a cute scene. Sean doesn't want AshLee to worry about not having a date with him this week, especially since it's her birthday. He scurries to the kitchen and returns with Little Debbie cupcakes, a candle and some geeky gold birthday hats to show her he hasn't forgotten. It may not be a full-length date, but it's a pretty nice consolation prize. 

AshLee was probably hoping a rose would be in the mix, but hey, she'll accept a cake topped with a candle. She makes a wish and blows out the flame. She asks if Sean knows what she wished for. He has a guess, and she bets he's right. Did she wish for sanity? Here's hoping! (Just kidding, AshLee. I love ya.)

What do you guys think of AshLee? Is she the perfect match for Sean? Share your thoughts in the comment section. 

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