'As the World Turns' Actress Weighs in on Jack and Katie's Union
'As the World Turns' Actress Weighs in on Jack and Katie's Union
Jack (Michael Park) and Katie (Terri Colombino) on As the World Turns may have finally tied the knot, but this does not necessarily mean they will spend the rest of their lives together.  For one, Jack sped off after the wedding when he found out about Carly's illness, after which he put his and Katie's honeymoon on hold.  For another, both Jack and Katie have some serious baggage they have yet to deal with.

"Jack and Katie rushed into this marriage," Colombino told The New York Daily News.  "To them, it's because they love each other and want to have a life together as soon as possible.  But he has his issues, and she has her issues, hers being: 'I just want to settle down and have someone and it needs to be now.'  And also, 'I want to get Carly back for stealing my first love, so I'm taking her first love.'  Those are definitely the underlying factors in her rush to the altar."

Katie and Carly (Maura West) have been at odds since Carly became romantically involved with Simon Frasier, Katie's ex-husband.  When Carly returned to Oakdale, the primary setting of As the World Turns, she was distraught to find Jack in the arms of Katie, and proceeded to sabotage the relationship with the help of Brad, Jack's brother, who had pursued Katie previously.

Upon finding out about her brain lesion, Carly was determined not to let anyone know about her illness, especially Jack.  However, Brad stumbled upon her secret, and it was he who revealed the truth to Jack on his wedding day.

“This marriage is not going to last for long,” Terri Colombino said, as the “minute they get married, he's off with her… Katie's like, 'I can't handle this.  I mean, I know she's sick and I understand that you need to be there for your family and everything, but you don't have to be there 24/7.  We can get her a nurse.' And he's like, 'No, I can't do that.  This is the end of her life.'  So Katie pushes him away - and he goes."

Furthermore, another development in the love triangle can potentially spell the end for Jack and Katie's young marriage.

"Then something happens that...  when I read the script, I was in tears," Terri Colombino told The New York Daily News.  "It's really beautiful.  But when Katie finds out about it, that's when she kicks him out!"

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-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: The New York Daily News
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