What's Next After Diggle's Big Decision on 'Arrow'?
What's Next After Diggle's Big Decision on 'Arrow'?
Vanessa Frith
Vanessa Frith
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
A year later and thousands of miles from Lian Yu, Adrian Chase has scored a posthumous victory -- Oliver Queen is finally on his own, bereft of allies and brimming with guilt. Not even Diggle, the man who originally took the Hood's solo op and made it a partnership, is willing to stand by Star City's preeminent vigilante.

While Prometheus would have like to seen the Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) dwarfed by his friends' headstones, his knees stained with grave dirt as he took the emotional beating Chase thought he so rightly deserved, the season 6 villains took a different tack. Uninterested in torturing Oliver's soul, Richard Dragon (Kirk Acevedo) and Co. merely wanted to render the Arrow ineffective. Even in his wildest dreams, however, the Vertigo kingpin probably never imagined he'd strike a blow at the series' bedrock. And yet, "Brothers In Arms" saw Diggle (David Ramsey) exit the Arrowcave, brutally reminding Oliver that the Green Arrow has failed Star City. 

So what does this mean for Team Arrow? Right now, Curtis (Echo Kellum), Rene (Rick Gonzalez) and Dinah (Juliana Harkavy) are fighting the good fight under their own banner, Diggle is ready to save his home via ARGUS, and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards), despite promises otherwise, is ready to give her husband a little extra space. As far as Diggle is concerned, this switch-up could become permanent. 

"Diggle has made a firm choice in his life about where his place is with the team," Ramsey told Collider. "This is something he's discussed with his wife, so this is a major, fundamental move."  

Dig, obviously, will continue to play a role in the series. For the meantime, the nature of that role remains unclear. What, really, would cause Dig to return? A chance to call the shots? Seeing Oliver drop his mayoral duties and devote his attention simply to fatherhood and his night job? The mere fact that Diggle knows this fight is too big for one man?

Oliver, of course, is no stranger to flying solo. It was how he started the series. We would hate for it to be how he eventually ends it. As Diggle said, Oliver's focus wasn't as split when it was just him, his arrows and the List. Now he's facing a court date, pushback from his former employees, fatherhood and a villainous cabal peppered with a few old foes that know Oliver just a little too well. While any normal person would be over in the corner having a perpetual panic attack, Amell's character will dive headfirst into the fray during next week's "Fundamentals."

Did Diggle make the right move? Is this the wake-up call Oliver needs? Or will the dissolution of Team Arrow take a bad situation and make it worse? Hit the comments section with your theories! 

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