The CW Developing 'Green Arrow' Series: Is Justin Hartley the Only Choice?
The CW Developing 'Green Arrow' Series: Is Justin Hartley the Only Choice?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The CW is getting back in the superhero game. According to Deadline, the network is close to a deal for a new pilot called Arrow featuring Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow.

The pilot is being written and produced by Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim (The Green Lantern, Eli Stone and Brothers and Sisters) as well as former Vampire Diaries producer Andrew Kreisberg.

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The clear fan favorite for the role would have to be Justin Hartley, who played Green Arrow on Smallville. He was one of the best parts of the show and many fans clamored for him to star in a spin-off when Smallville ended.

However, Hartley would also bring some baggage. If he were to star in the new Green Arrow series, it would feel like a spin-off of Smallville when, in reality, the creators had nothing to do with that show. Instead of keeping that show alive, the producers may want to start fresh, which would mean recasting the role. It's not that uncommon Alan Ritchson played Aquaman on Smallville, but when the WB considered making a series about the character, they cast Hartley in the role.

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So who else could possibly play Green Arrow? Here are three other suggestions with CW-friendly actors who would make good leads for Arrow.

Matt Long: He starred on Greg Berlanti's short-lived Jack and Bobby and certainly has the look of a CW star. Perhaps this could be his next big role.

Niall Matter: Currently guest starring on 90210, Matter is now done with Eureka as that show was cancelled, so he's free for a new series.

Sean Faris: He guest starred on The Vampire Diaries in its first season and  and he proved that he can star in fight scenes with the film Never Back Down.

What do you think? Should they just sign Justin Hartley or should the new Green Arrow series consider other stars?

Source: Deadline
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