Should 'Arrow' Drop the Black Canary Mantle?
Should 'Arrow' Drop the Black Canary Mantle?
Jay Ruymann
Jay Ruymann
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After Laurel Lance's unexpected death in Arrow season 4, we found out her last request to Oliver was for her to not be the last Black Canary. After all, she technically inherited the mantle from Sara, who went by the Canary, after she died, so keeping the mantle going isn't out of the blue for this series. And with a Green Arrow show, having a Black Canary is generally really important, but is it time for Arrow to call it quits on trying to live up to the comics? The Black Canary doesn't fit on this series unless it's Dinah Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy.)

Dinah Drake

Let's start with the new perceived Black Canary, Dinah Drake, or as she was first introduced in Arrow season 5, "Tina." She's taken up a position on Team Arrow and is beginning to call herself the Black Canary, but she bears no resemblance to the Black Canary of the comics, or of Arrow itself. She uses a gun, whereas in the comics, Dinah never resorted to using a gun as she is a master at martial arts.

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Frankly, she doesn't seem cut out to be the Black Canary. She doesn't challenge Oliver in the way that his counterpart usually does, and she's so new that she hasn't earned the title.

Dinah Laurel Lance

Laurel had to fight and claw her way to the top, to the title, over two and a half seasons, and she still had to fight after she put on that mask. It wasn't an easy journey, and she didn't just get the job because she had her own meta-human Canary Cry, either. Everything she got, she fought for, including her spot on Team Arrow.

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Sara's death was the catalyst for her transformation, but it ultimately was in her all along. Laurel fought for justice as a lawyer, and then she spiraled out of control with depression and alcoholism in season 2, but after that, she got control of her life. She truly became a symbol of survival, and she had enough experience behind her that she earned her journey as the Black Canary. She's the only Black Canary Arrow should ever have.

Is It Time to Drop the Mantle?

Yes. Absolutely yes. The writers have made it very clear that Laurel, the Earth-1 version, would not be returning in any way, unlike everyone else in the DCTV universe. For some reason, her death sticks, while the others all find some escape.

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Even Black Siren, the Earth-2 version of Laurel, isn't enough to take on the mantle. While we know little of her story, we do know that she is / was a villain, and she helped Zoom take over Earth-2 as his right hand. The Black Canary is a symbol of survival, and while Siren did that, it's not the same as what her Earth-1 counterpart went through in order to survive the circumstances she was given.

Given that, no one deserves to be the Black Canary aside from the Laurel Lance that we watched for four seasons on Arrow.

What do you think? Is Dinah Drake worthy of the Black Canary mantle? Or Black Siren? Or should it die with Laurel? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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