Casting Bits: 'Arrow' Casts Deathstroke's Son, Bobby Cannavale Joins 'Will & Grace' and More
Casting Bits: 'Arrow' Casts Deathstroke's Son, Bobby Cannavale Joins 'Will & Grace' and More
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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It's been a busy couple of days for casting news. Arrow has cast a character who has been teased since season 1. Agents of SHIELD and Will & Grace are both bringing back fan favorites for their new seasons. A princess is getting a larger role on the new Once Upon a Time. Lastly, Scorpion and Dynasty are adding two familiar TV faces.

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Hunter Clocks Back in on Agents of SHIELD

Agents of SHIELD seemed to give him a rather final goodbye in season 3 but this fan-favorite is coming back. Entertainment Weekly reports that Nick Blood, who played Lance Hunter in seasons 2 and 3, is returning to Agents of SHIELD for season 5. It's being kept a secret how long or in what circumstances Hunter will return to the fold. 

Blood was written off the show, along with Adrianne Palicki who played his on-screen ex-wife Bobbi Morse, in season 3. The plan was to have them star in their own spin-off, Most Wanted. The spin-off fell through and Paliciki is now starring on FOX's The Orville, but at least Hunter will be back at his Agents of SHIELD home. 

Tina Majorino to Cause Trouble on Scorpion 

The team on Scorpion is getting some new blood this season but that might not be good news. Deadline reports that Tina Majorino, best known for her role on Veronica Mars, is joining season 4 of Scorpion in a recurring role. 

Majorino will be playing a chemist named Florence. Florence will move next door to the team and she'll initially keep herself separate from the team. Eventually she will join up and work with them. However, once she does join the gang, Florence will "cause even more problems." 

KJ Smith Joins Dynasty 

In the same Deadline report, it was announced that KJ Smith (who has starred in critical hits Queen Sugar and Being Mary Jane) has joined CW's Dynasty. The reboot of the nighttime soap, like the original series, will follow the feud between the Carrington and Colby families. Smith, however, will be playing a brand new character, Kori Rucks. It's being kept a secret which side of the feud, if any, Kori will align with when she appears. 

Arrow Casts Slade Wilson's Son

He's been name dropped and referenced before but now Arrow has finally cast the son of Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke. According to EW, Slade's son, Joe Wilson, will be played by Lucifer actor Liam Hall. Arrow season 6 will see Slade try to rescue his son Joe, who is being held in a Kasnian prison. 

Joe followed in the footsteps of his father and joined A.S.I.S., an Australian military agency. Joe's time with the agency has caused him to land in a remote jail under an assumed name, Kane Wolfman. It will be up to Slade and Oliver Queen to get Joe out and save his life. 

In the comics, Joe is deaf but a metahuman who goes on to become the hero named Jericho. It's unknown if Arrow will follow the same path. 

Bobby Cannavale is Reprising His Role in Will & Grace

The Will & Grace reboot might be ignoring the series finale that saw the titular heroes marry their significant others and not speak for years but it won't be forgetting everything from it. Debra Messing broke the news on her Instagram account that Bobby Cannavale will be reprising his role from the last season of the show. Cannavale played Vince D'Angelo, Will's boyfriend who he married in the controversial series finale. 

It's unknown, for now, what the exact status of Vince and Will's relationship will be in the reboot. However, Harry Connick Jr., who played Leo, the man who married Grace, will also return. So the reboot should address, in some fashion, both of these continuity errors. 

Princess Tiana Gets a Promotion on Once Upon a Time 

It's been known for quite some time that Once Upon a Time would bring on Tiana from Disney's Princess and the Frog in their new and slightly rebooted season. Mekia Cox, from Chicago PD, was brought on to play the character. However according to Deadline, Tiana's role is being beefed up from what was originally planned. 

Mekia Cox has been promoted to a series regular for season 7. Cox as Tiana will first appear in episode 3 of the new season and she'll continue as a series regular beyond that point. The Once Upon a Time version of Tiana is set to be a bit of a warrior princess with a mission and she'll evidently be close to the show's new Cinderella. 

Are you excited to see Tiana on Once Upon a Time? Looking forward to finally meeting Joe Wilson on Arrow? How do you hope Will & Grace deals with Will and Grace's relationships? 

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