'Arrow': Why Earth-2 Laurel Lance Is the Rightful Black Canary
'Arrow': Why Earth-2 Laurel Lance Is the Rightful Black Canary
Jay Ruymann
Jay Ruymann
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Katie Cassidy will be returning to Arrow full-time for season 6, but she won't be returning as the Laurel we've always known. She's coming into the fold as Black Siren, who we saw in a few episodes of season 5 and one episode of The Flash during season 2. With her series regular role, the idea of redemption has been floated and it's all but been confirmed to happen eventually. So what happens if and when she's redeemed?


She may have been a villain on Earth-2, but Earth-1 offers more opportunities to this Laurel Lance than she had at her home. We'll find out more about her backstory on Earth-2 as the season progresses (hopefully), but what we do know is that her Oliver Queen died on the Queen's Gambit and his father returned as the Green Arrow instead.

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This likely means Sara died too, since Earth-2 is a reflection of Earth-1, which leaves the question of what happened to her parents. With what happened between Black Siren and Quentin in the final two episodes of Arrow season 5, it's not too wild to hypothesize that her father died at some point. She looked pained to be locking him up; you could see the heartbreak in her eyes, which could mean either her relationship with her father is non-existent (since E-1 Laurel was so close to her father) or that he died at some point.

Katie Cassidy has expressed her own backstory for her character to explain her actions; she and her father were kidnapped when she was 13-14 and she was forced to watch him die, which put her on the path to darkness, and Oliver's death drove her over the line. Whatever the reason, Black Siren has the opportunity to find a family and friends on Earth-1 that she couldn't at home. Perhaps she, Sara and Quentin could make some sort of weird family unit since they can find a piece of someone they want in each other.

Also, if Black Siren earns her redemption, it puts her in the perfect position to reclaim the Black Canary mantle from Dinah Drake and return the Black Canary name to Laurel Lance. As it always should be.

The Black Canary Lives

Sure, she's not Earth-1 Laurel, but she's close. She can honor her late counterpart by taking up her legacy and doing something good with it.

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Black Siren could learn a lot from her counterpart and that could put her back on the path of good. She'll never be completely good, but perhaps that's for the best. Laurel was always too pure for Arrow; she wanted justice for everyone, and she could never truly get behind how dark Oliver's path was. Black Siren can, however. She's embraced the darkness inside; being the Black Canary means finding the justice and light inside, which is why Sara was never the Black Canary.

In the comics, the mantle is passed down through the family; Dinah Lance gave the mantle to her daughter, Dinah Laurel Lance, and in the show, Sara being the Canary inspired Laurel to be the Black Canary. Dinah Drake shares no relation; Laurel Lance is the Black Canary, and the only "rightful" person to inherit this mantle would be her doppelganger.

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Dinah Drake started her mission off with justice and killing people, much like Sara did. The Black Canary has never stood for killing (justified or not, and no, Laurel never killed anyone as much as she may have wanted to sometimes.) Black Siren has no confirmed kills either, and she was raised with a similar upbringing to our Laurel so she has the same values inside of her somewhere. From what we've seen of Dinah, she has more in common with Sara than with Laurel.

Black Siren is the only person that should be taking the Black Canary mantle; not only because Katie Cassidy waited so long to play the part she was hired for only to have it ripped away, but because nothing else makes sense for Black Siren's character after she finds redemption. Arrow always treats women like they're replaceable, like they did with Laurel and Dinah, so it's time to stop that trend.

What do you think? Who should be the Black Canary? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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