[Video] 'Arrow' Sneak Peek: Oliver Takes on Slade in an Epic Fight
[Video] 'Arrow' Sneak Peek: Oliver Takes on Slade in an Epic Fight
Carla Day
Carla Day
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It's been a long week waiting for the conclusion to the Arrow mid-season finale. Last Wednesday ended with Oliver unconscious from an unknown serum. Felicity trusted Barry Allen enough to bring him into the Arrow cave to help. In "Three Ghosts," will they be able to save Oliver before he suffers any permanent damage?

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers and clips. You've been warned.

"Three Ghosts" Preview

Shado reaches out to Oliver and tells him, "You can't fight what's coming. Stay with me." Is she one of the three ghosts? It seems likely that Oliver will see three ghosts while he's under the influence of the serum. Is he dreaming? Or is he awake and seeing visions? 

"You're not a hero. You're nothing," says Slade. Another ghost? Barry Allen and Diggle shine a light into his eyes. And Oliver says, "I've been compromised." By Barry? Or someone else?

If Shado and Slade are two of the ghosts, who is the third? Oliver's father, perhaps? Or, Tommy? Who would you like to see again?

Why is Lance in a hospital bed? 

Oliver must recover or else he dreams several action-packed fight scenes! Check out the one in the Arrow cave!

Slade "visits" Oliver. He's upset that Oliver couldn't save him. What a fight scene! They go at it! Is is real? I doubt it, but it was fun to watch, especially the hand-to-hand stuff. Epic!

While Oliver is dealing with is situation, Roy goes looking for information that he probably shouldn't be.

He must have gotten the arrow out of his leg, though he has a limp. He pulls a file and on the back of the picture it says, "Mirakuru" a.k.a. "The Miracle." That's the name of the serum that Sebastian Blood is using on his subjects. And, now someone wants the files gone. Roy almost gets away ... almost!

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