[Video] 'Arrow' Spoilers: Black Canary and Huntress Battle in 'Birds of Prey'
[Video] 'Arrow' Spoilers: Black Canary and Huntress Battle in 'Birds of Prey'
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
After last Wednesday's "Suicide Squad" adventure, the excitement only builds this week on Arrow. It's the much anticipated "Birds of Prey" episode that brings together the Huntress and the Black Canary. Oracle hasn't been introduced on Arrow ... yet. Could she be anointed in this hour?

Laurel fights beside her sister against the Huntress. Could the Oracle be in her future? It would seem given Felicity's tech savviness, she'd be a likely candidate.

Marc Guggenheim spoke with reporters last week about an interesting teaming he'd like to see,  "One of the things we would love to do at some point is do an episode where you've got Black Canary, Felicity, and the Huntress working together. That's on our show bucket list."

Does that mean that Felicity could be Oracle? We'll just have to wait and see if or when the Oracle arrives! 

For now, check out two sneak peeks of this week's "Birds of Prey."

"Birds of Prey" Trailer

Highlights from the preview:

  • "She's gonna kill all of those people. Innocent people." - Laurel
  • "I'm a person of my word." - Huntress on the phone
  • Arrow has Frank Bertinelli on the ground with an arrow point at him.
  • "Who's she?" - Black Canary
    "Oliver's psycho ex-girlfriend." - Felicity.
  • "If they're wearing a mask, they get a bullet." OUCH!
  • "Oliver sure does like to dress up his girls." - Huntress to Black Canary
  • Huntress vs. Black Canary showdown!! 
  • Black Canary falls from a window, but she's reaching for a black rope. Will she die?
"Bird of Prey" Sneak Peek

Helena shows up to greet her father in a court room. She wants revenge for Michael's death. Oliver tries to get her to stop. Her father wants to know what she's waiting for. Frank's wearing a wire. The building's surrounded, what's her back up plan?

Arrow airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on the CW.

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