'Arrow' Season 2 Spoilers: Barry's Fanboy Moment, Sparks for Felicity and Possibly More Super Heroes to Come
'Arrow' Season 2 Spoilers: Barry's Fanboy Moment, Sparks for Felicity and Possibly More Super Heroes to Come
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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Part one of the Arrow Season 2 midseason finale left Oliver in danger and Felicity asking Barry for his help. BuddyTV took part in a special screening of the midseason finale, followed by a Q&A with Executive Producers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg, DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns and Grant Gustin (who plays Barry/the Flash).

Barry's Fanboy Moments in Arrow's Lair

At the end of the last episode, Barry found himself waking up in the Arrow's lair. In this week's conclusion, you can expect him to have a number of reactions to the experience. 

Andrew Kreisberg: I think part of the fun of the episode is that Barry is the ultimate fanboy. In a way Barry is us, he represents the audience. Some of the fun of this is: What if you were in the Bat Cave and how fun would that be? Part of the episode is Barry getting to revel in that and part of it is him getting to see sometimes it's better not meeting your heroes because they're complicated and cranky and maybe jealous of the way you're looking at their assistant. At the end of the day Oliver just wants to get the job done and Barry helps get the job done and that's sort of the saving grace for him. 

Sparks Between Felicity and Barry

There were undoubtedly some sparks between Felicity and Barry in the first part of the finale,  which had a lot to do with how much the two had in common, according to Kreisberg. 

Andrew Kreisberg: It was just something we were walking about when were trying to figure out how we were going to bring [Barry] in. We spent a lot of time talking about Barry - even before the pilot aspects - [and] just how we were going to introduce him in these episodes. Especially with the way the season had been going [with] Oliver and Felicity and their sort of growing feelings for each other. The fact that Barry and Felicity are so similar and they're both sort of uncomfortable in their own skins and both very likeable and personable, it just seemed like they would instantly hit it off which would just complicate things for Oliver even more and it just felt like the right way to go. One of things we did when we were testing some of the finalists was Emily Bett Rickards came down to read and the moment we saw her with Grant it was a done deal. 

Gustin's Love of Super Heroes

Grant Gustin has been a long-time fan of super heroes, so it's really a dream come true that he's now getting to play the Flash. But, oddly enough, he's never actually seen anyone else portray the character on screen. 

Grant Gustin: I haven't seen anyone portray the Flash, which is actually something that I thought was really fun about this. I'm a big super hero fan, I'm a big Superman fan. I've always been a big super hero fan and to even have the opportunity to audition for this blew my mind. And to have them get excited about it was really cool. But I wasn't trying to be any Flash that I knew about or I had seen because I really didn't have that much knowledge in that category. So it was fun to have them get excited about my random take on Barry Allen. 

Barry Allen - The Younger Years

A lot of jokes were made about the youthfulness of Barry in last week's episode, but his age was something the creators liked about this version of the Flash. 

Andrew Kreisberg: Greg actually had us add a lot of those lines because it is an elephant in the room so we addressed it. We'd always sort of seen him as being a little bit younger and the thing that was important to us more than anything was that he should really be a contrast to Oliver and to Stephen. Stephen is sort of the more traditional square-jawed, muscle-bound hero and that works really well because he needs all that. One of things about the Flash is that he's a random guy who gets struck by lightning. He needs the bolt of lighting to be the hero and in a way [Oliver] doesn't need the bolt of lightning. 

Geoff Johns added: The cool thing though is the contrast: [Oliver] needs the heart, Barry has the heart. [Oliver] has the body, Barry needs the body. 

More Super Heroes Coming to the Arrow 'Verse?

With the introduction of Barry Allen/the Flash, it's inevitable that some fans will wonder if this means that more super heroes could be making their way onto the show. But don't expect a whole flight of super heroes on the show just yet. 

Andrew Kreisberg: Yeah I think in the same way that Arrow was conducive to bringing on characters like Dead Shot and the Huntress, in success hopefully with the Flash there's a way to bring on some of the more fantastical characters. We could tackle some of the bigger villains and possibly heroes. But it's always important to remember Arrow has to be the coolest person on Arrow. The same thing with the Flash, Barry has to be the coolest person. So if we're lucky enough to get to do more past the pilot, it'll really be more about making sure that the audience loves the Flash and Barry Allen as much as we do.

Geoff Johns added: Because this is expanding the DC universe in television, we have talked a lot about other characters and concepts and things that can exist within this. 

Just a few more hours to go until the exciting conclusion of the Arrow Season 2 midseason finale! What do you think will happen when Barry finds out who Oliver really is?

Arrow airs on Wednesday nights at 8pm on CW. 

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