'Arrow' Mid-Season Finale Recap: Oliver Confronts His Past
'Arrow' Mid-Season Finale Recap: Oliver Confronts His Past
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Arrow will never be the same again after "Three Ghosts." Oliver was visited by three people from his past to help him move forward with his mission, while two others were forever changed by science, and the mastermind behind Sebastian Blood was revealed.

A Near-Death Oliver

After being dosed with a mystery drug, Oliver was near death as his blood thickened. Barry Allen to the rescue with rat poison. Yes, rat poison. When Oliver woke up, he cared less that he was given poison and much more about the fact that Felicity brought Barry into the Arrow cave revealing his true identity.

Ouch. Touching much, Oliver. Not thanks from him for saving his life. Barry was a stand up guy and defended Oliver's reaction, while promising that he would never reveal Oliver's secret. And Felicity appreciated Barry's support.

Three Ghosts

From the medication, the poison, or perhaps even stress, Oliver started hallucinating and seeing people from his past. First, Shado, then Slade, and finally Tommy. They each had advice to give him about his mission.

It was Tommy (Yay! So glad to see Tommy again!) that finally got through to Oliver. Through Tommy, Oliver was able to gain the strength to fight on and realize he isn't a murderer. He's a fighter and heroic in his mission.

I'm not a fan of A Christmas Carol-themed stories, so I was happy to see that while that was an inspiration for the episode, it wasn't overplayed. All three people are no longer in his life, but they had and have a profound affect on him.

These visions also tied back to what happened on the island. It was sad to see Shado die in the past, but it helps move the story forward. And shows how Slade survived and provided on the the biggest shocks of the hour.

Slade's the Mastermind

The masked Sebastian Blood is not the top dog in the quest to manufacture Mirakuru and create a superhuman army. He's being run by Slade! He's alive and well in the present day with a vendetta against Oliver.

They had quite the team put together with Blood, Cyrus Gold, and Slade. They got away with robbing Queen Consolidated and kidnapping people off the streets. It wasn't until Team Arrow got a lock on Cyrus Gold that they had a breakthrough.

Even with Gold's super-strength, Lance and his small force may have been successful if it weren't for the corrupt cop that gave Blood the heads up on the raid. His betrayal of his fellow Officers cost Lance's partner his life and put Lance in the hospital.

At least, Oliver got payback for Lance when he destroyed their supply and saved Roy. Slade's quest may be slowed down, but he's not giving up. He wants to gain control with his army and make Oliver pay.

I hope Slade never gets to put that arrow through Oliver's eye!


Roy wouldn't stop looking into Max's disappearance and he ended up being captured. I'm not sure whether getting shot in the leg with an arrow or being giving Mirakuru will end up being worse.

Though, the latter healed the injury of the first. Roy nearly died from the green serum, but Oliver saved him. It wasn't clear if Roy saw Oliver without his hood on or not. It would be kinda fun for Roy to know and not mention it.

It is clear that Roy was affected by the serum. His injury healed. Will he gain super-strength like Cyrus? And, will he turn to the dark side like Slade? With Oliver and Team Arrow looking over him, they should be able to help guide him in the right direction.

While Roy was recovering, over in Central City, Barry Allen was hit by an electrical current of some sort when the Particle Accelerator went haywire. And, with that ... the Flash was born. It's likely that we'll see Barry Allen back in Starling City at some point, but next stop will be a pilot for a new Flash led series.

Odds and Ends

  • Sebastian Blood is getting awfully close to Laurel. Is that his move? Or, is that something Slade wants as part of his plan to hurt Oliver?
  • Barry's understanding why Felicity would like Oliver was touching. While there was definitely a spark between the two, Barry's presence and counsel seemed to help Felicity realize her true feelings for Oliver.
  • Olicity swoon moment: Felicity wanting Oliver to promise to come back and he just looked at her and left. Aww....
  • As always ... AWESOME fight scenes. I'm not sure which was my favorite. I guess if forced to pick I'll go with Oliver vs. Fake Slade. That rocked!
  • From the previews, two of the three ghosts were revealed. I hoped the third would be Tommy. So happy it was. Though, seeing Oliver's father again (my other guess) would have been okay too. Just not nearly as emotional or important for Oliver given his guilt over Tommy.
  • MASK! "Even the Arrow deserves a Christmas present." That is a fine looking mask.
It's going to be a long wait for Arrow's return. The show has grown the intensity by a bazillion fold over season 1. The addition of new characters, threats, and alliances has been done extremely well without being overwhelming.

Arrow returns on January 15 at 8 pm ET on the CW.

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