'Arrow' Review: Will You Save My Friend?
'Arrow' Review: Will You Save My Friend?
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Arrow certainly stepped up its intensity for the season 2 mid-season finale. That's saying a lot since the series is always at a high octane level. In part 1, "The Scientist," someone broke into Queen Consolidated and stole a centrifuge. That by itself would be a problem, but it was even worse. It was one person ... a superhuman!

Why did the CW have to air this over two weeks? Lives were on the line both in the present day and in the flashback on the island. And, there's a superhuman out there that must be stopped. Plus, Roy's out there with an arrow in his leg. How's he going to explain that one?

Amid all that, Barry Allen showed up in Starling City and stole my heart. Did he take yours too? I've never read the comics, so I can't speak for his fit from that perspective. For the Barry Allen in "The Scientist," Grant Gustin was perfectly cast. The chemistry between Barry and Felicity ... out of this world! Sorry ... Olicity? What's that?

Back on the Island

Generally speaking, I'm not a fan of the flashback stuff on the island. It rarely adds much to the present day story and just takes time away from that. In "The Scientist," the importance of what happened on the island is directly related to what they are dealing with in Starling City. That makes it much more compelling.

Plus, I'm deeply intrigued by what happened to Slade. He's definitely the best part of the flashbacks. Sorry, Oliver and your bad hair! With his life near an end from the explosion, the serum on the Japanese sub was his only hope for survival. 

Oliver's experience with the serum could be the difference between Brother Blood winning and the Arrow being able to stop him. Though, I wouldn't be surprised to see a superhuman or two stick around as heroes or villains.

Barry Allen

I just adore Barry! (If you couldn't tell from my earlier comments!) He lied to get involved in the case, but can you blame him? As Felicity said to Oliver, "And what do we do everyday?" They lie for the greater good and that's also what Barry did. He didn't mean any harm and he was helpful to the investigation.

Maybe Oliver was getting a little jealous? I didn't really see it that way, but maybe? If anything, it was more concern for Felicity like he would be for Thea in a similar situation. Oliver noticed the spark between them immediately.

Since I'm not familiar with the comics, I was surprised that he was lying and found the story about his family sad, but enthralling. He's exactly who Arrow should be helping. Why was his mother killed? I doubt it was random. Could it be tied to the League of Assassins? HIVE? Malcolm?

Barry's fanboy attitude of Arrow was similar to that of Roy's. When he woke up and saw Oliver in the green suit on the table, he must have thought it was a dream. It was ... a dream come true! 

"Will you help my friend?" Aww. Yes, I cried. Oliver was hurt. Felicity was scared and desperate. And Barry was let in on their huge secret. That moment was precious and then the episode ended. 

Can it be next Wednesday now? 

Brother Blood

It's still unclear what Sebastian Blood's end game is, but he's trying to develop his own army of superhumans using the same serum that Dr. Ivo wanted. While Oliver believes that Ivo is dead, could he still be alive?

Or perhaps not everyone on the island died? Somehow Blood got ahold of the serum and plans to use it for evil. He's gone through quite a few test subjects in order to get it right. Poor Max was one of them.

Will Roy be next? I fear that Oliver's decision to shoot an arrow into Roy's leg will be something that he regrets. Blood's corrupt cop saw Roy take a picture of Max, which put Roy in danger. An arrow in the leg will certainly slow him down and make him an easier target.

Of course, something positive could come out of it too. If Roy is injected with the serum, will that kick start his transition to being the Red Arrow? Hmm... 

No matter what Brother Blood must be stopped. He's dangerous and despite his beliefs he's bad for Starling City.

Way to Kick Ass, Moira!

During Arrow season 1, Moira was a bit annoying. She was a pushover. She knew that her husband and son were murdered and didn't do anything about it. She was complicit in the kidnapping and torture of Oliver. And she let Walter be kidnapped and held captive. She was submissive and scared.

This new Moira kicks ass! She took responsibility for her role in the Undertaking at the end of last season and has stood her ground since then. She's no longer scared. She proved she's a fighter even after Malcolm reappeared in her life.

Moira used Malcolm's words against him. She had her people contact Ra's al Ghul and let him know that Malcolm's still alive. The Dark Archer broke the League of Assassins' code of conduct. That could be his death sentence.

At some point she'll likely have to tell Thea the truth, but for now that secret is safe. Malcolm's mention of Nanda Parbat gave her freedom from Malcolm if only temporary. Though, the idea of Malcolm going into permanent hiding would be boring. He has to return at some point, right?

I just hope when he does Moira is ready for his return. She may want to give Oliver a heads up about his survival. Though, she doesn't really have a reason to tell him, does she? I suspect Arrow will find out sooner rather than later.

Odds and Ends

  • No Laurel this week and ... didn't miss her. She was mentioned on the island, but even that exchange about Oliver's love interests was annoying.
  • Barry was pretty on point about Arrow. Yes, that could well be why he wears green. And he does have a computer expert on his team. 
  • Glad to see Moira back at the office. I'm looking forward to a contentious relationship between her and Isabel.
  • "Maybe he thinks he penetrates just fine." Oh, Felicity. She just has the most hilarious ways of wording things. And nice awkward moment with Moira at the office!
  • The fight between Arrow and the superhuman was AWESOME! That may just be the best fight ever done. (Yes, I say that often. They just top the previous ones that are deep down in my memory.)
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