'Arrow' Recap: Dating, the Huntress and the Truth About John Barrowman in 'Muse of Fire'
'Arrow' Recap: Dating, the Huntress and the Truth About John Barrowman in 'Muse of Fire'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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There are a whole lot of revelations in this Arrow episode, "Muse of Fire." We find out the identity of Oliver's rival. Tommy and Laurel show some feelings. And the Well-Dressed Man (John Barrowman) finally gets a name to go with that snazzy suit.

Find out everything in this recap!

Oliver Can Run as Fast as a Motorcycle?

Instead of kicking bad-guy butt, Oliver starts off this episode of Arrow going to lunch with his mother. How sweet!

Or it would be if a black-clad motorcyclist didn't pick that exact time to open fire on Moira and a business associate. The business guy ends up dead because of this, while Moira just gets to lie in the street for a little while.

As for Oliver, he chases down the motorcycle. Yes, on foot. That's because Oliver is now super-fast in addition to being super-strong and super-gorgeous. Seriously, the guy would have caught the shooter if not for an inconveniently timed truck.

Moira just has a concussion and so needs someone to watch her for a day or two. By "someone" I of course mean Thea, because Oliver is far too busy doing vigilante stuff to play nursemaid.

Oliver soon learns from Detective Lance that the dead business associate was probably a mob hit. This makes Oliver angry. He pretty much kills a piece of training apparatus and then decides to infiltrate the mob in order to find the killer.

Diggle does not think this is an appropriate coping strategy. As usual, Diggle is correct.

Is the Mob Always This Good-Looking?

The mob in Starling City seems to be personified by a man named Frank Bertinelli (Jeffrey Nordling). Oliver meets Bertinelli in his palatial mansion, ostensibly to talk about a business deal. It seems that Bertinelli wants a construction contract for a new Queen building.

Honestly, this doesn't sound too illegal, but maybe there's more to it or something.

Alas, this cordial meeting of gazillionaires ends abruptly when Frank's assistant, Nick Salvati (Tahmoh Penikett), drags the big man away for a meeting with China White and some random Triad guy. Does this mean business is over for the night?

Actually, business is about to turn to pleasure -- Frank tasks his lovely, Italian-spouting daughter Helena (Jessica De Gouw) with concluding the family business over dinner.

Bonding over Family and Vigilantism

Although it begins with a fair amount of awkwardness, Oliver and Helena bond quickly over their pasta and wine. Helena quickly skips past the "How is your mother?" part of the conversation and moves on to asking why Oliver would want to get in bed with Bertinelli.

When Oliver doesn't exactly answer, Helena moves on to another topic: The Island. Weirdly, Helena mostly seems jealous of the fact that Oliver got to get away from his family, even if that also meant torture and near-death on a deserted island.

But hey -- this actually was a bonus for Oliver. And these two crazy kids bond over shared lies as the night grows late.

Laurel Joins Team Tommy!

Love is in the air all over Starling City tonight! After hints and jokes and lavish galas, Tommy is finally ready to make his move with Laurel. He does so with sushi.

And there is no better way to win over a girl than with sushi!

Whatever works, I guess. And this does. When we next see the potential couple, Tommy is sobbing from the effects of too much spicy Indian food. This -- and Tommy's romantic notion about turning back the clock to "the first time" -- just makes Laurel like him even more.

Too bad the romance gets interrupted by a waiter coming with the news that Tommy's credit card has been declined.

Another Date Ends Poorly

Oliver and Helena are forced to end their date on a low note as well. First, Oliver gets a call from Diggle, learning that Nick Salvati and his goons are roving the city, breaking fingers and kneecaps and stuff. And now the goons are heading straight for the very Italian restaurant where Oliver and Helena just ate.

This warning is very fortunate for the restaurant owners. Before Nick can break even one pinky finger, Oliver shoots out the lights and begins to beat up the various goons.

But then there's a problem. The motorcyclist from before shows up (still wearing a helmet) and begins shooting everyone in sight. Oliver responds with a whole bunch of fighting. His fighting even manages to smash the helmet, revealing...

Helena Bertinelli. She's the Huntress. Awkward...

Love Is a Complicated, Violent Thing

Despite Diggle's rational warning about Helena being a killer deserving of justice, Oliver just can't keep his distance. Instead, he trails the girl to a dark graveyard, where she cries over the grave of her murdered fiance. Helena explains that she really, really loved the man and that she had to do something with all of that love when he died.

Hate was a convenient emotion in this case.

Oliver and Helena cannot continue their therapy session at this time, however. That's because Nick and his goon squad show up for some kidnapping. It seems that Helena lost her favorite necklace back at the restaurant, thereby informing Nick that Helena is the vigilante killing all of her father's men.

Nick Salvati doesn't like this. And Nick tends to kill the people he doesn't like.

Fortunately for Helena and Oliver -- and unfortunately for the goons -- it's hard to kill ruthless vigilantes. Just as Nick is about to shoot his boss' daughter, Oliver breaks free and begins fighting. Helena follows suit and soon all hell breaks loose.

The fighting ends not with a bang but a snap. That would be the snapping of Nick's neck as Helena breaks it. Like, she breaks his neck with her bare hands! Oliver turns just in time to see this and Helena's rather savage reply: "No one can know my secret!"

Oliver is so turned on right now...

Bits and Pieces and Kisses and Pizza

This leaves just a few loose ends to tie up.

First, we find out that poor Moira doesn't just get to recover from her concussion in peace. She has a visitor instead -- the Well-Dressed Man (John Barrowman). He just stopped by to make sure that Moira was all right and to issue vague but ominous threats about how she still needs to be a "vital part of Starling City's future."

She is indeed still on-board with whatever this future entails.

Next, we have the issue of Tommy's sudden poverty. Because it's not just the credit card that's gone. It's all of the money and all of the toys and even Tommy's apartment.

Tommy turns to his father to find out where everything has gone. Dear old Dad barely takes a break from his fencing match to bother telling Tommy that he's a disappointment who is hereafter cut off.

Oh, and Tommy's father just happens to be the Well-Dressed Man. No big deal... Other than OMG!!! Awesome reveal!

There isn't much else for Tommy to do at this point. And he only has Laurel to turn to. Fortunately, Laurel doesn't care much about money. She reassures Tommy that all will be fine and then offers him some pizza.

Now for something actually good: Walter (Colin Salmon) comes home from China or wherever and reconciles with Moira. This makes a watching Oliver sentimental and ready to bury the hatchet with Thea. Still, as Thea points out, Oliver needs to be honest with somebody.

"Why is your vendetta more valid than mine?"

That somebody just might be named Helena Bertinelli. Oliver breaks into her mansion and both vigilantes confront each other about secret identities and the search for justice. While Helena thinks they're both justified in their actions, Oliver tries to insist that Helena is just seeking revenge.

And then both stop caring about justice and revenge. All they care about is the truth. And kissing.

A lot of kissing. This is not going to end well...

Did you expect the Well-Dressed Man to be Tommy's father? What is the plan for the future of Starling City? How badly will the Oliver-Helena relationship end? Share your theories and comments below!

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