'Arrow' Recap: Can Oliver Beat a Royal Flush?
'Arrow' Recap: Can Oliver Beat a Royal Flush?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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There are bank robbers in this episode of Arrow. That's supposedly important. But it's awfully hard to care about those guys when there are so many other wonderful things to view in "Legacies." Things like a shirtless Oliver. Or the incredibly sweet smile of the lovelorn Tommy Merlyn... Ah, Arrow. You give us so much! Find out all of it in this recap!

The Most Competent and Incompetent Bank Robbers Ever

OK, so the big villains in this episode are the members of the Royal Flush Gang. These four bank robbers (who turn out to be members of the same, down-on-their-luck family) have successfully stolen loads of money from many banks. So they have to be good. They especially have to be good since they can open vaults with explosives and then tunnel to freedom in mere minutes.

But at the same time, they don't expect a teller to hit the alarm. One of them panics and shoots at the first sign of a gun. Their disguises are Michael Myers-style hockey masks that are always falling off. And they touch everything while not wearing gloves.

Do we really need to bother Oliver about criminals like this?

Diggle thinks so. He even brings to an end a beautiful, beautiful half-naked sparring session with Oliver, just so he can talk about stopping the bank robbers. Oliver isn't interested. Much like Dr. Horrible, Oliver sees street crime as merely the symptom, while he fights the disease at the top.

Despite all of Oliver's philosophical arguments to the contrary, Diggle wins this round. He will go after the bank-robbing thugs.

Everything Is Daddy's Fault

Because Oliver is now humoring Diggle and hunting bank robbers, they need some evidence. This means we get to see Oliver go full-on ninja while breaking into the police station. The moment when Oliver braces himself on the ceiling right over the cops' heads? Awesome!

It's also effective. Oliver and Diggle quickly learn that the bank-robbing family is that of Derek Reston. Who is he? Thanks to a little help from Felicity (Yay! Felicity!!!), Oliver learns that Derek Reston used to be a foreman at the Queen factory. Then, dear old dad shipped the jobs to China and put everyone out of work.

And now Oliver wants to bust Reston for bank robbery? Awkward...

Do the Right Thing

Oliver and Oliver's guilt decide to try to give Derek Reston a chance to do the right thing, aka stop robbing banks. Even though Oliver doesn't know about Dr. Oz or Facebook (or even Myspace!), he can find an out-of-work criminal in a matter of minutes.

Reston and Oliver meet face-to-face in a bar. Because there's this whole secret identity issue, Oliver can't quite come out and say, "Dude, I know you're robbing banks. Quit it." Instead, the two man have a lengthy discussion about right and wrong.

In the end, all Oliver can do is apologize for Daddy and offer Reston a job. Will Reston do the right thing?


Reston's son, Kyle (the one who shot the cop), won't quit without one more job. And the Restons won't abandon their son. Oliver fails to recognize the family values in this and only focuses on the fact that he must now destroy them.

Meanwhile, Back in the Real World

Oliver may have a little trouble with his crime-fighting, thanks to the fact that the real-life world of Oliver Queen has continued to spin, vigilantism or no. What are the problematic aspects of the real world in "Legacies"?

  • Oliver has to have brunch with his family and the truly awful Carter Bowen, otherwise known as the biggest, most annoyingly successful jerk in the whole wide world.
  • Moira is lonely and getting bitter about her son disappearing all the time.
  • Laurel's legal-aid office has lost its funding and may have to close. Fortunately, Tommy wants to date her and therefore organizes a benefit (with carrot cake!) to get in her good graces.

All of this leads to a big benefit night. Tommy ends up sad because Laurel spends time with the dreadful Carter Bowen (who now wants to start a free clinic, the jerk). Thea gets drunk because she kind of thought Tommy was into her. Oliver ducks out on his mom when she's trying to have a moment. And then Thea gets really trashed and has to puke in a dark alley while Tommy holds her hair.

The one good outcome of the night? Laurel thaws just a little when it comes to Tommy. Woo! Team Tommy!!!

So Much for Second Chances

The Royal Flush Gang has struck again, and this time Oliver has no choice but to take them down. This proves to be unusually difficult -- Kyle, the trigger-happy doofus that is responsible for all of this, had the foresight to bring a riot shield. This makes it difficult for Oliver to do his arrow thing.

It doesn't help the bank robbers though. The riot shield only gives the bank security guard time to get a shotgun and shoot at Kyle. But Derek, being a good (although somewhat criminally inclined) daddy, leaps in front of the bullet.

Oliver knocks out Kyle and kneels before the dying Derek. The sacrifice and the suffering of a father who did wrong seems to resonate with Oliver for some reason...

Ghost Dad

We get only a limited view of Oliver on the island in "Legacies." That's because he is still trapped in that cave. And apparently starving.

Hunger brings hallucinations, mostly of Robert Queen. Ghost dad is pissed that Oliver is ready to die, thus negating that whole "I shot myself in the head, you ungrateful wretch!" sacrifice of his. After a lot of complaining, Oliver apologizes for not being strong enough. Then Ghost Dad is all nice and apologetic about his bad deeds.

That's when Oliver wakes up. The cave is cold, so he starts to throw another blank notebook page onto the fire. But then he sees writing. Apparently, Robert Queen wrote his entire journal of Bad People Names in invisible ink.

Oliver now has his quest.

Amends and Milkshakes

But has Oliver failed those who love him? Diggle doesn't think so, since Stan the Cop has woken up and will be fine. Also, Oliver totally did what Diggle wanted. The bodyguard just has to feel good about that.

Then there is the making up with Moira. Both mother and son apologize readily but still feel sad about loneliness and the distance between them.

So they go eat hamburgers and milkshakes. Because, if there is one truth in this cold, dark world of ours, it's that milkshakes make everything better.

See? We got a happy ending! Yay!!!

Did Oliver do the right thing with the Royal Flush Gang? Does Tommy have a chance with Laurel? What plots would require Oliver and Diggle to spar without shirts in the future? Share your thoughts and opinions below!

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