'Arrow' Promo Video: Oliver Queen Is a Bad, Hot Guy
'Arrow' Promo Video: Oliver Queen Is a Bad, Hot Guy
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Oliver Queen of Arrow, the new superhero show premiering on The CW this fall, wants you to know something: He is not a nice guy. Unfortunately, if Oliver wants to convince you of this, the video contained in this article is not quite as persuasive as it should be.

Seriously, just watch this video and try to stay away from Arrow. I dare you.

This promo video for Arrow doesn't have any spoilers and it doesn't really have new footage. That's OK. It doesn't need anything else. What we do get are a bunch of warnings voiced by Stephen Amell -- the actor behind the beauty and awesomeness of Oliver Queen. Also appearing in the video are Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance and Colin Donnell as Oliver's friend (and possible future nemesis), Tommy Merlin.

But Oliver Queen is the star of this promo. And rightly so. Check out the Arrow video below:

Nice, isn't it?

Oliver Queen does make some excellent points about his lack of good character traits. But we can excuse all of those as follows:

"I'm not what you would call a catch." Not a catch? A super-handsome billionaire is not a catch? Oliver Queen has a different definition of "catch" than the rest of us.

"I'm definitely not the guy you bring home to your mother." The only problem with that scenario is making one's mother jealous.

"I work long hours." Most successful men do...

"I run with a bad crowd." When that bad crowd consists of the super-cute Tommy Merlin, this is forgivable.

"I lie." Everyone has one character flaw...

"I cheat." OK, maybe two...

"I steal." You steal my heart, Oliver Queen!

"And I promise I will never remember your birthday." My birthday would be every day with a guy like this! So it's OK!

Thus, it has been definitively proven that Oliver Queen and Arrow are, in fact, good for us. I guess we will all just have to watch Arrow when it premieres on Wednesday, October 10 at 8pm on The CW.

(Images and video courtesy of The CW)