'Arrow' Interview: John Barrowman on Malcolm's Daughter, 'Rejuvenating Qualities' and Response to Fear
'Arrow' Interview: John Barrowman on Malcolm's Daughter, 'Rejuvenating Qualities' and Response to Fear
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
When Arrow returns for season 3, we'll be seeing a whole lot more of the fan favorite villain, Malcolm Merlyn. John Barrowman has been promoted to a series regular this upcoming season. After the loss of his son and presumed death, Merlyn returned to Starling City to protect and get close to his daughter, Thea.

Barrowman characterizes Malcolm and Thea's relationship as "The most dysfunctional, awesome father and daughter relationship that's going to be on television to the point that it's going to be shocking."

Barrowman's interview is one you will want to watch in its entirety. Barrowman's enthusiasm for Arrow is contagious and sure to make you smile, laugh and be more excited for season 3. Watch it and then read the highlights below.

Highlights from the interview: 

  • As a fan, Barrowman would love to see another major villain come in that would force Malcolm to come together with Oliver and Thea. (Likely referring to the yet-to-be-announced villain Ra's al Ghul when the interview took place.)
  • Malcolm and Oliver are kept apart at the beginning of Season 3
  • Barrowman would love to tell fans everything, because he loves it so much. He won't say if Malcolm and Tommy are in a scene together in the flashback or not. (If you want the answer, see our interview with Stephen Amell. He spills it!)
  • Malcolm grasps on to Thea because she is his only family that's left. He lost Tommy because he couldn't control his son. He can control things by destroying them and through money, but not through his emotions.
  • "If I, as a rich Malcolm Merlyn, were going to give money away there's going to be cables attached not strings. You're like a suspension bridge and I'm holding you up. And at any time, I could snap, snap, snap and splash." 
  • Malcolm has some "rejuvenating qualities." He also learned how to pretend to be dead.
  • Malcolm knows everything that's being going on. He's been watching so that allows him to show up, help and then manipulate the situation. He knows Roy exists.
  • "Malcolm's fear is more of an adrenaline pump. So when he gets afraid, he gets off on it in blunt terms. He doesn't mind fear. It even motivates him more because of the risk. If [Ra's al Ghul] shows up, there will be great risk."
Arrow Season 3 premieres Wednesday, October 8 at 8pm ET on the CW.

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