'Arrow' Episode 5.19 Photos: A Manhunt Begins to Find Adrian Chase
'Arrow' Episode 5.19 Photos: A Manhunt Begins to Find Adrian Chase
Jeff Dodge
Jeff Dodge
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
A manhunt will begin to search for Adrian Chase in episode 19 of Arrow season 5, titled "Dangerous Liaisons." And Helix might be able to find him as well, but what will Felicity have to give up in return?

The official episode description from The CW says, "Oliver, Team Arrow, ARGUS and the SCPD kick off a citywide manhunt for Adrian Chase. Helix tells Felicity they have a way to find Chase, but they will need something big, and illegal, from her in return."

Check out photos from this episode of Arrow, which airs Wednesday, April 26:

Felicity and Oliver Have a Chat

A Manhunt Begins to Find Adrian Chase

Diggle, Arrow and Dinah

Dinah Drake as the Black Canary


Curtis Suits Up as Mr. Terrific

Diggle Aims His Gun

Helix Might Have a Way to Find Adrian Chase...

...But Felicity Must Give Something Up in Return

Oliver and Felicity Run into Each Other


How do you think the manhunt will go? And will Helix help the search or just get in the way? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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(Images courtesy of The CW)