'Arrow' Completely Mishandled Oliver and Felicity's Wedding
'Arrow' Completely Mishandled Oliver and Felicity's Wedding
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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The annual Arrow-verse crossover began with one wedding but it ended with two. "Crisis on Earth-X" closed out with a double wedding between the universe's two main couples, WestAllen and Olicity, but it was only the former who entered the crossover engaged. In theory, it's nice that "Crisis on Earth-X" had such a happy ending, especially since the fourth and final chapter was incredibly dark. In reality, the wedding between Oliver and Felicity and how it was handled was a huge mistake.

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Right Thing, Wrong Time

Oliver and Felicity getting married isn't the issue. Arrow has been heading to the point where Oliver and Felicity end up together for a very long time. Oliver and Felicity being married wasn't a possibility, it was an eventuality. It's just that the timing and the presentation of the moment was all wrong. 

"Crisis on Earth-X" began with the story of Barry and Iris' wedding and it should've ended that way too. It was completely unnecessary to tag Oliver and Felicity's wedding onto Barry and Iris' nuptials, for both couples. Felicity literally interrupting Barry and Iris' vows was in incredibly poor taste too and it made everyone involved look like horrible people. 

Felicity is awkward but there's no way she's that awkward and self-centered to step over Barry and Iris' moment to propose to Oliver after stressing about the concept of marriage for four episodes. Likewise, the fact that neither Oliver, Diggle or the couple who was engaged said anything was just ridiculous. It was out-of-character for everyone involved and it's a poor way to present a moment that fans of both couples have been looking forward to for literally years. 

A Compromise Where No One Wins

The way that Felicity proposed and married Oliver was horrendous but it's far from the only problem with the way that "Crisis on Earth-X" ended. Felicity not only interrupted Barry and Iris' wedding but she did so with a declaration that neither felt earned or justified. "Crisis on Earth-X" was an incredible success as a crossover event but the ongoing plot of Oliver and Felicity being angsty over getting married just rang false. 

It was emblematic of a problem Arrow has long had with the couple where situations are presented and happen to them that just don't make sense. Oliver and Felicity's biggest obstacles have never felt natural and organic. They've just been introduced for the sake of them and with the most melodrama possible, like Oliver's secret love child or Oliver working with the unlikely ally of Malcolm Merlyn. Felicity suddenly and vehemently being opposed to marriage made very little sense and it was more frustrating than anything else to see her fret about it, only to change her mind at the very last second.

The truly exasperating thing is that all the elements were present for the double wedding to be satisfying. The idea of Oliver and Felicity getting married at the same time as Barry and Iris is a cute one. So is the concept of both couples realizing life is short and deciding to just pull the metaphorical trigger right away. In concept, that could've been a wonderful way to honor the loss of Martin Stein, which happened earlier in the crossover. However all of that was rushed into just a couple of lines and wrapped up far too quickly to be satisfying. 

Rather than honoring the development and journey of both couples and giving both their due, the difference was split between them. The result is that neither wedding feels like the culmination or climax of anything. They just end up both being incredibly underwhelming and haphazard. 

How did you feel about the double wedding? Did the moment do both couples justice? Was Felicity right to interrupt Iris and Barry's vows? Should WestAllen have been the only couple to get married or are you glad Oliver and Felicity also tied the knot? 

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