(GIFS) 10 Appropriate Responses to Hearing They're Making A New Season of 'Arrested Development'
(GIFS) 10 Appropriate Responses to Hearing They're Making A New Season of 'Arrested Development'
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Mitch Hurwitz told a panel at The New Yorker Festival on Sunday that he plans to bring his Emmy-winning series Arrested Development back to television for a limited 9-10 episode season to air before then releasing the much-anticipated, heavily-rumored, longer-gestating-than-three-baby-elephants Arrested Development movie. The season would ostensibly lead up to and set up the plot of the movie. The news sent the Internet (which is made up of 50% cats and 50% AD worship) into a frenzy.

Today, we hear that not only was Hurwitz serious about granting our one collective cultural wish, there are already networks in the mix: Netflix and Showtime are "in talks" to air the episodes.

But how should we feel about this? On the one hand: NEW ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT! On the other: Not until 2013. Back to the first hand: Tobias, GOB, Buster, Lucille and all our old Bluth pals are coming back! Now back to that second hand again: What about letting sleeping dogs lie and being careful what you wish for and going out on top and also Netflix?

Here are 10 completely appropriate responses to hearing that they (Hurwitz, the cast and crew, whatever divine force you believe in) are making a new season of Arrested Development (expressed in GIF form):

1. Giddiness

2. Shock that quickly turns into delight

3. Divine gratitude


4. Cynical suspicion
tumblr_llz2uoE6n41qc67tzo1_500.gif5. Fear verging on the sublime

6. Hopeful acceptance

7. High kicks
tumblr_lm8xkjFzst1qjvrz3o1_500.gif8. Chicken dances


9. Group hugs, crying and/or emotional confusion


10. Almost-(never)nude piano dance parties

It sounds like Hurwitz still has plenty of details to iron out, but it's a go. Jason Bateman and Will Arnett said so! How do you feel about the news that Arrested Development might be back on TV before the movie comes out?

(GIFS: http://arresteddevelopmentgifs.tumblr.com/)