Lifetime's 'Army Wives' Ends Debut Season with Cliffhanger Episode
Lifetime's 'Army Wives' Ends Debut Season with Cliffhanger Episode
The first season of Army Wives wrapped up on Sunday, August 26, with a cliffhanger that has surely left viewers hungry for more.

Although the season finale did not end with a huge “bang,” the last scene certainly leaves a lot of room for it for the second season.  The first season ended with Marilyn's (Kate Kneeland) husband, entering the Hump Bar with explosives strapped to his body.  Amanda (Kim Allen) walks into the bar, and stands within a few paces of Marilyn's husband, who then squeezes the detonator.  No one knows for sure what happens next, as the screen subsequently fades to white.

Most of Army Wives' main cast was part of the heart-stopping scene, including Claudia Joy (Kim Delaney), Denise (Catherine Bell), Roxy (Sally Pressman) and Roland (Sterling K. Brown).  Roxy and Denise made their way to the Hump Bar in order to mourn their husband's sudden deployment.  Claudia Joy stopped by to give something to bar owner Betty (Patricia French), while Amanda simply followed Marilyn's crazed husband into the establishment after she realized something was wrong.

Undoubtedly, drama was not lacking in the episode, which opened with Amanda and Jeremy's break-up.  Amanda told Jeremy (Richard Bryant) that she has decided to go to college, but in reality, she ended the relationship for fear that she is pregnant.  She found out later on that she is not with child, though things between her and Jeremy have yet to be resolved.

Although Amanda's pregnancy test turned out negative, Lieutenant Colonel Joan Burton (Wendy Davis) was revealed to be in the family way.  She told Roland about the baby, but was quick to add that he should still move to Chicago for his new job at Northwestern University.  On his way to the airport, he stopped at Hump Bar in order to tell the other wives the news.

Then there was the terror threat posed on the base, which had all the men, including Trevor, Frank and Chase being abruptly deployed as the safety of the base had been compromised.  While all of this was happening, Marilyn decided to leave her husband for her lover, Eddie (R.W. Smith), and it is at the Hump Bar where they agree to meet before making their escape.  Unfortunately, her angry husband had other plans for her, which gave way to the season's cliffhanger.

Next season, Army Wives, which is Lifetime's highest-rated series, will return with 18 episodes, five more than its previous run.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Lifetime, The National Ledger
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