Cast and Crew of 'Army Wives' Holds First Season Wrap-Up Party in Aquarium
Numerous crew members, actors, actresses and others associated with Lifetime Television’s Army Wives gathered at the South Carolina Aquarium last week in order to celebrate a successful first season.  Producers recently wrapped up the show's debut season, ending a five-month long shoot in Charleston. 

At the party, guests dined on prime rib and, ironically enough, sushi, while watching the show’s blooper reel.

In recognition of the Army Wives’ highly-rated first season, the invitations to the wrap-up party featured characters from the popular underwater cartoon series, Spongebob SquarePants, which, according to The Post and Courier, is the show’s main rival in cable ratings.

The latest episode of Army Wives, along with the series premieres of Side Order of Life and State of Mind, helped capture the top spot for Lifetime Television on Sunday night.  Susanne Daniels, Lifetime Network’s president of entertainment, said she was “thrilled” with the high ratings that the three shows earned.

"It's just exciting and remarkable to me to garner this kind of attention for the network considering where we were two years ago," Daniels said.  "I'm hoping this really sends a message that Lifetime can develop programming and successfully schedule quality shows and market them and that this is a great network to be in business with."

Last week, Lifetime Networks announced that it was renewing Army Wives for a second season. Guests at the first season wrap-up party cheered and exchanged hugs upon learning of the show’s renewal.

"Even before we shattered records with the premiere on June 3, we saw the battalions of critical acclaim and knew we had a hit," Daniels said in a separate statement.

The second season of Army Wives is scheduled to air next Spring.  Moreover, ABC Studios has decided to keep shooting the drama series in Charleston, South Carolina.  Earlier, the television production company threatened to relocate filming due to the state’s revised film incentives.  However, after meeting with officials from the Commerce Department of South Carolina, the company agreed to stay put.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: The Post and Courier
(Image Courtesy of PR Newswire)