'True Blood' at Comic Con 2012: A Faerie War, 3 New Romances and More
'True Blood' at Comic Con 2012: A Faerie War, 3 New Romances and More
Probably one of the most anticipated panels of the weekend, True Blood, took place just moments ago. Will there be more flashbacks? More romance? More sex? The answer to all three is yes. But what specifically, keep reading.

Who's Here?
Anna Paquin (Sookie)
Stephen Moyer (Bill)
Ryan Kwanten (Jason)
Sam Trammell (Sam)
Rutina Wesley (Tara)
Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette)
Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica)
Kristin Bauer van Straten (Pam)
Joe Manganiello (Alcide)
Christopher Meloni (Roman)
Alexandder Skarsgard (Eric)
Alan Ball (Creator and executive producer)

Character Chemistry:
This season there has been a new combo of characters and as Ball pointed out, he's always looking for ways to be more dynamic and new chemistry does that. There's even a little bromance going on between Eric and Bill. Skarsgard admits that they've been having a "little too much fun" even now that they aren't fighting over Sookie. Comption even suggested that maybe in their past there was something there, something that happened between the two of them that ruined the friendship. It's all speculation, but maybe we'll get to see?

When it comes to Tara and Jessica, we last saw them fighting. In the end, girls will be girls. They aren't friends but they aren't enemies either.

More Sam and Luna? Question was asked and not answered, too spoilery. 

We will get to see the Stackhouse parents in the future. Will it be in flashback or dream sequence, Ball wouldn't say. But he did say this, it's important because what happened to them has a lasting effect on Sookie and Jason.

Faerie "throwdowns" for Sookie? Paquin would only say there's some"actiony trouble" to come.

Manganiello teased that he will "sexually eviscerate" another character in an upcoming episode!

New romances? No one would say but we were given a number, 3.

We may see a Faerie war later this season.

More Panel Bites:
Coming up with the look of the Faerie's Ball didn't want to be too Disney. These are creatures where the idea of shame and guilt are unknown. They want to have a good time and be sensual. They decided to come up with a place to hang out and have a good time and invite humans, sometimes have their way with humans. Basically some "adult soft core porno faeries" said Ball.

The trunk scene with Bill and Eric was supposed to be longer but they could not stop laughing. They even got an email from Ball...uh oh, down to the principal's office.

Where there be Were-tigers? Since Ball is stepping down as showrunner he has no plans to bring them into the show but who knows.

Paquin's favorite scene to shoot was this season's finale. "It will blow your mind"...so look out for that!

Christopher Meloni joked that when it comes to the difference between SVU and True Blood, figuring out the sex crime is different. Filming is different but once you can accept there are were-panthers it's great. Staking a ten year old boy was very shocking and interesting. His wife even mentioned when viewing the episode, "it's so obvious it's not going to be the kid."

Turning Tara was known for a while with the writers because transforming someone who hated vampires for a good reason opened lots of doors to tell stories

True Blood airs Sundays on HBO.

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