Exclusive: Katlin Mastandrea on Winning with Sheen's 'Anger Management'
Exclusive: Katlin Mastandrea on Winning with Sheen's 'Anger Management'
Katlin Mastandrea is "winning," at least when it comes to her career. In the last few years Katlin has popped up on everything from Criminal Minds to ABC's more wholesome The Middle. Now she's hopping on the tiger blood express with Charlie Sheen's new FX vehicle Anger Management.

In the show based roughly off the Adam Sandler movie, Sheen plays an anger management therapist with some former anger problems of his own. Katlin plays Olivia, the friend of Sheen's daughter Emma on the show. Using skills she perfected on The Middle playing "Weird Ashley," Olivia is a bit of an oddball herself.

BuddyTV recently spoke with Katlin about her experience on the set of Anger Management, working with Charlie Sheen and being directed by Criminal Minds' Matthew Gray Gubler.

First off what made you want to go into acting?

Well I guess ever since I was little I've always liked entertaining people, making people laugh. Whenever I'd see my brother sad I couldn't stand it, so I'd either sit there making jokes or faces or poke him until he laughed. And then he would always sit there and try to hide that he's not laughing and then I'd just poke him more. But now I just enjoy entertaining people and making them happy -- well for drama possibly sad.

Could you tell us a little bit about your characters on Anger Management?

A little bit, I can't tell too much. I can say that she's one of the best friends of Charlie Sheen's daughter on that show. And she thinks she knows more than she really does.

When exactly is your character introduced on the show?

Actually the first night (June 28) they're doing two episodes and I'm in the second.

So what's it like working with Charlie Sheen?

He's very professional and focused. Considering my group is a bunch of younger girls (well, two of us are over 18), but he still tries to watch his language and whatnot and watch himself on set. He's very funny, just bouncing off the set with everyone. He actually gets everything done, he puts work first and then he plays. It's not what most people would expect.

What attracted you to the role on Anger Management?

I suppose because it looked like a very fun part as you will see on the show. And funny lines. The writers like giving me funny, off lines.

So Anger Management has a pretty unique deal with the network. I think it's if it does well in its first run of 10 episodes it's automatically renewed for 100 episodes. Do you know what the plan is for your character if the show gets an 100 episode extension?

To be honest I don't know. I just know what you just said about the episode thing. So hopefully I am included in that plan.

You've also done some work on The Middle. You're pretty well known for your part as Weird Ashley. What drew you to that character and what do you like about her?

I suppose I like that she's a little off, she's not like the run-of-the-mill hot girl who just stands there or whatever. For Weird Ashley her thinking is a little off-beat so you have to approach it a little differently. Because she is kind of stoic, almost computerized. So it's very funny to work with directors on set and see what would be the best thing. Then seeing the response of the other characters is pretty funny too.

Do you know if we'll see more of her relationship with Axl next year? Especially since they bonded at prom?

Actually I don't know!  I'm on a cliffhanger with everyone else.

How did you like your prom outfit? It was like a wizard cape.

It was actually very roomy and warm considering that particular set gets kind of cold and I could wrap up in the cape if I was cold. Like I've never gone to prom or whatever so it was like "Haha! I'm here at prom! There family, stop telling me about prom." I went there and I'm looking around at all the other girls going 'Oh my goodness, you all have full-blown prom dresses and I'm a wizard. I feel special right now, thank you."

So on BuddyTV we love Criminal Minds and you were on a great episode of that show Mosley Lane. It's a pretty creepy show, had you seen much of the show before you started the role?

Yea actually my parents had been fans and I watched a few that year. Before then I hadn't really watched it because I get scared easily, but I was able to finally watch it without hiding under the covers.

You worked on Matthew Gray Gubler's first directing job. What was it like being directed by him?

It was completely awesome. We're friends now. Going on set I shot for a week, but after I was going 'Oh my goodness I have a lot in common with this man'. It was surprising how much stuff we had in common. Everyone was like "it's a female, younger Matthew!" At the time he had longer hair so people were even going "they have almost the same hair". It was really cool. I mean he's really goofy and his drawings and whatnot, it was pretty nice to find someone who was like me.

For Anger Management have you seen the movie that it's roughly based on?

Yes, I am an Adam Sandler fan myself.

What are you looking forward to the most with Anger Management? Is there anything you could tease for us about the show?

I'm not completely sure what I have to say but I can say it's extremely funny. All the table reads I've been to everyone is dying laughing. Especially some of the characters there, yes it's very good. The writers put a lot of good one-liners in!

So which character do you feel is closest to your personality, the character you play on Anger Management or the character you play on The Middle?

I'm going to probably say The Middle. I do like wizarding stuff but I don't have that particular mind-set. I mean I do have a set of mind kind of like Ashley, but I don't interact with people like her. I'm a bit more, not social, but more aware that some of my actions can be misinterpreted. She kind of has blinders on and thinks she's completely normal.

Anger Management premieres tonight at 9pm on FX.

Morgan Glennon
Contributing Writer

(Image courtesy of Katlin Mastandrea)