Fall Anticipation Rankings: #11 - America's Toughest Jobs
Fall Anticipation Rankings: #11 - America's Toughest Jobs
BuddyTV is looking at the 17 new shows the major networks will premiere this Fall to see which ones are worth getting excited about and which ones we have low expectations for.

Show Description: Twelve people with normal careers will be hoisted out of their daily lives to compete on America's Toughest Jobs.  The contestants will face the difficult task of accomplishing some of the most dangerous and challenging jobs in the world (think logging, oil drilling, truck driving, etc.)

When: Fridays at 8pm on NBC

Anticipation: Of the three reality shows premiering this Fall, America's Toughest Jobs lands in the middle.  It lacks the campy value of Stylista, but it sounds far more intriguing than Opportunity Knocks.  We're not particularly looking forward to yet another reality competition series, but the premise of this one at least seems interesting without pandering to the lowest common denominator.  There are certainly worse things to watch on Friday night.

Similar Shows: Weirdly, this feels a little bit like Oprah's Big Give, in terms of how I assume the competition will be structured.  It's unclear how the contestants will be judged at their "tough jobs" and how they will be eliminated, so it's kind of difficult to equate it to another reality show just yet.  At this point, we all know what to expect from reality-competition shows anyway. 


(Image Courtesy of NBC)