BuddyTV Fall 2008 Preview: America's Toughest Jobs
BuddyTV Fall 2008 Preview: America's Toughest Jobs
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Monday, August 25, 9pm

Josh Temple

A look at the toughest, and most dangerous, jobs in America.  13 contestants try their hand at a different “tough job” every week.

America's Toughest Jobs is a bizarre choice by NBC.  Not that the show is going to be bad; in fact, it could be quite interesting.  However, isn't this the type of series you'd be more likely to see on the Discovery Channel or somewhere else on cable?  This isn't typical prime-time fare.  I know that they've added a competition aspect to the series, but I have to imagine the competition component will take a back seat to the jobs themselves. 

Why anyone would sign up to compete on this series is beyond me.  OK, yes, they'll be playing for a monetary prize, but still.  I've never met anyone who's said, “You know what, I'd like my occupation to be really difficult and possibly life-threateningly dangerous.”  I imagine watching America's Toughest Jobs and merely hoping that no one gets hurt. Perhaps that's the appeal. 

This series smells a little desperate from NBC.  It's not very ambitious, and could be construed as schedule filler.  However, it could also become a breakout hit, something along the lines of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.  I can't speak to its quality, but I am weirdly intrigued by America's Toughest Jobs.  I'll probably tune in to the first episode just to see what NBC has created with this atypical prime time series.  It's almost like an NBC executive was watching the Discovery Channel and thought, “Wouldn't it be cool if you saw regular people do these crazy jobs?” and then forced a competition-based premise into the idea. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of NBC)
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