What We Can Learn from the Awkward 'Australia's Next Top Model' Finale (Video)
What We Can Learn from the Awkward 'Australia's Next Top Model' Finale (Video)
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Yeeeeeesh. I don't normally watch Australia's Next Top Model (mainly because American TV is enough for me to handle as-is, and America's Next Top Model is enough models vying to be next on top as-is) but I'm glad someone pointed me toward last night's Australian Top Model finale, because it manages to top even Tyra's most epic awkwardness, and is so second-hand embarrassing that it will turn your heart upside-down and throw it across the planet. (Look! Now your heart is in Australia.)

Before a live studio audience at the finale, Aussie-NTM host Sarah Murdoch announced the wrong winner. Who then gave an acceptance speech. And consoled and hugged the "loser," who gave a consolation speech. And THEN Sarah got word in her earpiece that she had announced the wrong winner. Australia's Next Top WHOOPS! Watch what happened (spoiler alert if you watch this show, duh):

WOW. Wowowowoooow. The Soup editors definitely exchanged high-fives over this today, am I right? Awkwardness to the X-TREME.

But beyond being the ultimate "lady oops" moment of the year, this finale also contains a few lessons for us stateside Top Model junkies. Namely:

  • Australian Top Model contestants are infinitely more cordial and forgiving than American Top Model contestants. If this had happened on our show, the last minute of the video would have been full of crying, hair-pulling and probably some biting. Not hugging and saying, "It's an honest mistake."
  • Australia takes its Top Model finale a whole lot more seriously than America (the ORIGINAL) does. A live studio audience? A stage inside some sort of theater or arena? Sparks flying down behind the winner? How fancypants of you, Australia.
  • No "ugly-pretty" models here. The Aussie Top Model finalists are straightforward HAWT.
  • Sarah Murdoch ain't no Tyra. Tyra never would have announced the wrong winner because A) She would have picked the winner herself and B) Even if she did say the wrong name, she'd probably rather crown the loser than admit her mistake.
  • There's actual, serious voting involved in Aussie Top Model, not just Tyra picking her personal favorite. They probably even go into a booth. How democratic!
  • And the graciousness continued: To make up for their (now viral) mistake, Foxtel gave Kelsey (the first "winner") $25,000 and a trip to New York City to meet with modeling agencies. Australian TV networks are so nice.

Cultural differences: So fascinating and important to learn about. Sometimes physically uncomfortable to watch.

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