[VIDEO] Eliminated 'America's Next Top Model' Contestant Cody Lee Wells on Why Her Sister Caused Her Exit
[VIDEO] Eliminated 'America's Next Top Model' Contestant Cody Lee Wells on Why Her Sister Caused Her Exit
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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Cody might have been able to survive her identical twin sister Tash's first elimination. The second time around, the second Wells sister wasn't so lucky. Cody followed her sister off the America's Next Top Model runway the week after Tash's second elimination. Cody sat down with judge Drew Elliot to talk about her elimination, why she was angry her sister was eliminated and how her sister's return probably caused her own exit.

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When Drew brought up that he thought Cody's performance suffered when Tash returned, Cody agreed. "From the inside looking out I didn't see that," Cody explained. "But when I kind of just stepped into your guys' shoes and I looked at it I was like, 'Wow! Maybe you're right. There's probably something there.'"

Cody went onto to explain that during Tash's second time around, she really felt like they were working out some of their personal issues. "First time I was a little bit sad," Cody said talking about Tash's exits from the show. "The second time around I was angry because we were kind of able to pinpoint our issues and try to solve them a little bit. I felt like I wanted more time." 

"I feel like being identical twins, we are constantly compared. I felt like the fact that people felt we should be the same puts in our minds that we should be the same," Cody said. "It's a battle we have, like 'Should I be different? Is it OK for me to be different?'" 

Cody admitted that when Tash left she found herself to be much more confident. "When I was on my own I felt a lot more confident," she said. "I felt like there wasn't someone ... like my sister is two minutes older but I seriously feel like she is my older sister. So it didn't feel like someone was looking on me and telling me who I am. So not having that pressure of someone who's like 'I know who you are so anything you do that I don't agree with isn't you.' Having that away from made me much more confident."

When Tash returned Cody feels like she fell back into old habits and especially after the latest competition it was her time to go. Do you agree? Did Cody do better after Tash's first elimination? Did she suffer after Tash returned? Should someone have gone before Cody? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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