Tyra Banks Named "Most Influential Body Shaper"
Tyra Banks built her supermodel career with beauty, determination, and, of course, that body. When she retired from modeling in May 2005 to focus on her incredibly successful series America’s Next Top Model, her daily talk show and other projects, she was also able to retire from the rigors of maintaining the very specific body type needed to be a supermodel.

While many would still say she has an enviable figure, when she appeared in a swimsuit, clearly pounds above her modeling weight, gossip magazines and blogs seized upon the transformation as an opportunity to take her down a notch. Rather than retreat, ignore the buzz or begin a very public diet, Tyra appeared on her talk show sporting the same swimsuit and famously telling critics to “kiss [her] fat a**.”

For that statement – which in the skinniness-obsessed entertainment industry is a fairly revolutionary act – as well as her efforts to include plus-size models on America’s Next Top Model, she has been named the “Most Influential Body Shaper” by OK! Magazine.

OK! Magazine
has released a list of the 19 “Most Influential” celebrities, with the full feature to appear in the magazine hitting the newsstands on Friday.

Joining Tyra on the list are Katie Holmes, Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce, called influential beauty queens. Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Moss and Justin Timberlake are named as the most influential fashionistas. Simon Cowell, Carrie Underwood and Heidi Klum made the list as influential entertainers, while Rosie O’Donnell, T. R. Knight and Isaiah Washington are the influential newsmakers.

Tyra’s efforts thus far to make a plus-sized model truly competitive on America’s Next Top Model haven’t panned out in a winner.  However, if she continues to use her talk show and successful reality program as a venue to present women of various sizes as beautiful and desirable, she might be able to bring about some true change. For now, bringing about a conversation regarding the topic seems enough to merit the inclusion on the “Most Influential” list this year.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: TheCelebrityCafe.com
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