'Top Model' News Round-Up: Raina Blogs in the Buff, Miss J's Tough Love and More
'Top Model' News Round-Up: Raina Blogs in the Buff, Miss J's Tough Love and More
The second episode of America's Next Top Model caused plenty of jaws to drop and eyes to um, die (thanks to Gabrielle).  But there's a lot more that went on behind the scenes, as well as throughout the world of fashion.

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Cycle 14 Contestant Raina Blogs the Nude Shoot
On Playlist at TwinCities.com, fan favorite Raina (aka "the Wolf") wrote about her experience on having her nude photo taken on the show. Needless to say, it came as a shock.

"WOAH.  First off, I STILL cannot believe I got naked in front of national television. REALLY," she wrote. "That was probably one of the four hardest things I had to do during my experience on America's Next Top Model."

If you recall, she was in the back of the pack for this shoot, and had a hard time grabbing a post-it note for actual articles of clothing. In the end, Raina got stuck with the ring. Luckily, she nailed it. Even judge Andre Leon Talley compared her to a courtesan.

"Well, I remember taking off my robe and walking on set. I am more nervous than you would ever believe," Raina went on. "I don't really know where it came from considering my goodies were out on display, but it doesn't matter because I sold the ring (as Andre so eloquently stated)."

The Cycle 14 model will be blogging about two times a week on the site, so we'll be sure to check that out. She also dishes on some of the nasty things that her roommates do behind the scnes. Does that mean more of Alasia stuffing marshmallows into her mouth?

Miss J Talks Up T Magazine
The America's Next Top Model runway coach discussed his origins in the fashion industry, and how he received some tough love from his family about his career as a runway diva. Of course, that's also how he treats his models. If it worked for him, he thinks it would work for them too.

"We don't know everything, even if some of these models think they do," he said. "Sticks and stones may break your bones, but fabulous gets you most places!"

Talley's Got a New Title at Vogue
ALT, as he refers to himself, is no longer the publication's "editor-at-large." According to NYmag.com, Vogue's April masthead reveals that Talley's name has been placed under "contributing editors" instead. The reason may even have something to do with commitments to America's Next Top Model.

A Vogue spokesman told the magazine, "There's no more to the story than a title change.  That's just because he wanted to do more freelance projects."  While that could mean he'll work with Tyra more, ALT will still be "just as big a presence at Vogue."

(Image Courtesy of the CW)