'Top Model' Interview with Sara: 'I Don't Lack Self-Confidence'
'Top Model' Interview with Sara: 'I Don't Lack Self-Confidence'
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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I gave Sara a bit of a hard time this week in my America's Next Top Model recap, but I actually really liked her on the show. She spoke eloquently, handled Tyra's extreme challenges with a mix of rational terror and good humor, and took her elimination even more gracefully.

And I liked her even more when I spoke to her yesterday, the day after her elimination episode had aired, for a few reasons: She spoke highly and maturely of the other girls, including Alexandria, had a good sense of humor about everything Tyra had put her through, and she told me she was on her way out the door to celebrate St. Patrick's Day on the beach. My kinda girl!

Check out what Sara had to say about the competition, the coffee commercial, being a Top Model feminist and more:

Congratulations on being on Top Model and doing so well. How does it feel today?

It's feeling pretty sweaty, actually, because yeah, I was on Top Model and I did some pretty awesome things, but I still have to come home to my hot, tiny apartment in the Rio Grande valley.

How was that transition back home? I know you said in the episode last night that you were worried about how your friends might respond to you being in the coffee commercial. How was their response?

Well I completely forgot that my friends don't watch Top Model! Most of them who do aren't really involved in the femcore scene, and they watched it for me specifically. I had a little discussion with one of my friends and she told me, "It's your decision, you do whatever makes you happy," so that made me happy.

Was there any conflict for you, as a feminist, in terms of trying out for the show in the first place?

I wondered if going on the show would change me, would make me lose contact with my inner Sara-ness. I'm pretty political, pretty involved with women's rights and empowerment for women in my area. So I worried what kind of person I would come back as. And I'm pretty happy I came back as the same person, actually.

It seemed like you handled your elimination really well, and it made me curious: Is that because you kind of saw it coming or were hoping for it?

The only thing I was hoping for was another shot to improve and continue in the competition. But when I saw that I was in the bottom two with Alexandria, I definitely saw what was coming, and I was pretty accepting of it. I would never choose to bow out of a competition of this nature. But you know, a very dynamic personality who produces strong work versus someone whose work isn't consistent, it was kind of obvious who they were going to choose. So I just wanted to stay classy and graceful throughout the whole thing.

Well you definitely did that. It seemed in the last couple episodes you were having some confidence issues--comparing yourself to the other girls and worrying about your look.

There was really only one occasion that I was comparing myself to the other girls and feeling really negative about myself, and unfortunately that's what they chose to focus on for the rest of the episode. I really don't have a lack of self-confidence, so it confused me that throughout the competition they kept telling me, "You seem to be down on yourself. You seem to lack confidence. You're unsure of yourself. You don't realize your potential." I'm just a new model and I'm really inexperienced, so any bit of unsureness or confusion was about modeling itself, but not about how I feel about myself.

Last night we saw a little conflict between you and Alexandria about how you plan to pursue modeling in the future, so first of all, what are your future plans?

My plans have always been the same, and that conflict on the show was a very small portion of a large argument, and that small portion was, "What are you going to do if you get eliminated tonight?" My plans, and Brittani's plans, and several other girls' plans, were to go home and settle our affairs, whatever they might be, and then pursue modeling. My plan was to go home, finish my last month of school, close out my apartment, say goodbye to my dogs and move, you know? And Alexandria was saying, "If you don't move to New York right away then you don't care about modeling." And that really kind of offended me. My plans are the same now: Move to L.A., build up my portfolio and gain experience, and when I'm ready as a model, move to New York City and try to make it.

Alexandria is getting a very strong edit on the show. Can you speak to what she's really like in person?

Alexandria is a lovely person, I cannot stress that enough. The competition is extremely pressure-filled and stressful, and people react differently to different kinds of stress. Some people might go and listen to Enya in the corner, and some people might get bitchy. I can definitely understand where she was coming from. I had to hold back sometimes not to snap at people. But she's a lovely person. She left me a voicemail. We text. The voicemail was just like, "You're adorable, I miss you, and seeing this episode makes me miss you too." She's a nice person when you're not in such a high-pressure environment.

Of all the crazy photo shoots and challenges Tyra put you through, which was the most uncomfortable?

The most uncomfortable one was the commercial with the coffee. I had three pairs of extremely itchy socks in my bra, plus another bra on top of that. And the dress they put me in was extremely tight, it split halfway through the commercial and they had to duct tape it on one side. So that was the most uncomfortable one.

Who do you think should win?

I think we should all win. But that's not possible, so I really hope Brittani wins. I really relate to her story. She grew up poor like I did, and winning the show would help her escape the cycle of poverty. She deserves it. They all deserve it, but it would be really cool if she won.

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