'Top Model' Interview with Jaclyn: 'We Are All Winners!'
'Top Model' Interview with Jaclyn: 'We Are All Winners!'
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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She was the "sweeter than sweet tea" contestant on America's Next Top Model this season, but Jaclyn was more than just a darling personality: Last week, she won her first (and last) best photo for her jaw-dropping "Crazy for Makeup" photo. Things were looking up!

Unfortunately for Jaclyn, she wasn't so crazy for maps. So when Tyra sent her out in Los Angeles with only an atlas and a prayer, she only got to two of the four go-sees. That, combined with an underwhelming photo shoot at the local garbage dump, sealed her fate, and Jaclyn was sent home right before the final five got on a plane to Morocco. (Why does it always happen to the nice ones?)

I talked to Jaclyn yesterday about her Top Model experience, and she was just as kind and positive as we saw on the show. Here's what she had to say:

Hi, how are you, Jaclyn?

I'm doing awesome. Thank you.

I'm so excited to talk to you.

I know. Yesterday was a crazy episode.

It definitely was, and I have to say that I was really sad to see you go, and I know my readers were too. Can you tell me a little bit about the response you've been getting?

Yeah. Everyone's been so supportive and they've been just like, "We wish you would have stayed longer. We just love you. We know you've got a bright future." Everyone's been so kind and sweet, especially my community back here in Belton and the surrounding cities. Everyone's just so nice. It's so overwhelming how people can support you and be so kind and open their arms to you. It's been such a wonderful experience.

Were you surprised to be eliminated when you were, especially because last week you got best photo?

Yeah. I mean going into the go-sees, I was definitely confident at the beginning, because I had just won best photo. I've been in the competition so much, and it's like the go-see started, and that's when it all went downhill from there. You know, the talent of having to look through a thousand-page map of Los Angeles, navigate your way by telling a young, attractive male taxi driver where to go, and no one to help you ... that was so difficult, because I'm from Belton. I don't live in the city where you have to find parking and pay for parking and stuff like that. It's just not how Belton is. So it was definitely a challenge, and then after that I was still confident because I made it this far. Why get down on myself when this could be my last day on Top Model and my last week? So I went to the photo shoot so confident, happy I was there. You know my picture didn't come out as well as the judges hoped it would have been, but I had so much fun doing the photo shoot and go-see that I don't have any regrets. I'm just blessed to be top 6 on America's Next Top Model, so it was awesome.

Do you think it's fair that part of the reason they let you go was because you were having problems navigating? It's not like this is The Amazing Race.

Yeah. I mean, it was difficult. You really don't have to do that in the real world in modeling. Everyone has GPS these days, or have someone to help drag them around, or you can ask people questions to how to get somewhere. You can't just rely on yourself and map only. I mean, it was hard, but I was up against Molly [in the bottom two], and Molly is a very strong competitor. She's gorgeous, and she had very strong photos, so I can see why they kept Molly around. She's awesome, and she's got so much potential, and she's gonna be a supermodel. America's Next Top Model is of course the ultimate prize, to be the last one standing, but I think that all of us have bright futures ahead of ourselves. We are all winners because we all got so much exposure, so much airtime and so many people have seen our faces and they know who we are. I think that's gonna help us in the world of modeling. We're already known, so I think it's gonna be very helpful for each and everyone of us.

As we've seen, there's been quite a lot of drama this season especially with Alexandria and Brittani. What are your thoughts on that whole situation?

Living in the house with a bunch of girls, things kinda get out of control sometimes and I'm not the one to get into fighting or anything like that. So it was kinda scary at some points because I'm not really used to hearing girls yell and scream at each other, but they love each other now and everyone is cool with everyone else. We all keep in touch. It was a learning experience on how to live with different girls throughout the competition, and I hope the best for each and everyone of us, and I think we're all gonna be great friends now until forever, so I'm so excited to see all of them again.

I've got some questions for you from some of our users who are big fans of yours! One of our users wants to know if you've ever had setbacks because of your baby face or your voice?

Well, I was signed with an agency when I was 13 years old in New York. I won their top modeling competition, and I guess throughout the years I never got paid because they always told me, "You need to mature more, you're a baby face, you need to look older," so that always kinda brought me down. Finally I had to make a decision if I were to stick with this agency and take the opportunity to go to New York and start with them, if I was ready or if I was gonna go through Top Model and get to know the industry and learn to work my baby face. I chose Top Model, and it taught me everything I need to know and gave me that boost of confidence that I needed. Growing up, people always kidded me about my voice and everything, but you know, God made me the way I am. I can't change anything. I mean I can change things about myself but this is how God made me, so I'd rather live up to how he created me than to change myself. People can either like me for who I am or they don't have to like me.

Who were you closest with in the house?

Well I'm really close to all the girls, but I really got so close to Kasia. For awhile I was in the same room with Hannah and Brittani. We shared a room and I kinda like to move around. I want to talk to everyone. When I moved upstairs and stayed with Kasia, we just bonded so much. She kinda took me in like a little sister and just helped me out. Even though we were in a competition she always gave me advice. She moved to New York City and she always told me, "If you ever needed a place to stay, you can come stay with me." I love that girl. She is so amazing. I've never met a person like Kasia before.

That's great to hear. Who, of all the girls that are left, do you think should win?

I think each and every girl is deserving of America's Next Top Model, just because I know how badly I wanted the title, and to share the same passion of the other girls, I just know how they feel. I think each and every one is deserving of the title, but I have a feeling that it's gonna come down to Molly or Brittani. I don't know why. I just feel. I don't know anything. No one's told me, I just have a feeling, so I think it's gonna come down to Molly and Brittani.

So with all the photo shoots that you did, which one is your favorite?

My favorite photo shoot was definitely the one where I won best photo. Not just because I won best photo, but because we were at Universal Studios, such an awesome fun place to do a photo shoot. We were on the set of the Bates Motel, we got to pass where they shot Jaws. I used to love watching the Jaws movies with my family growing up. It was just such a fun set to be on. Everyone was so nice and working with Eric Daman, he's adorable. I love him. He's so awesome, and it was so much fun and to top it off, winning best photo, that just makes it such a memorable experience.

Now I'm assuming you're gonna continue pursuing modeling after this, right?

Yes, definitely. In a couple of weeks I plan to head out to New York City and to Los Angeles. I'm gonna take my Top Model portfolio and I'm gonna hit every single agency open for calls until someone believes in me and wants to sign me, to use me to represent their agency. I'll be so happy when the day comes. I look forward to my future, not only getting into more modeling, but getting into some commercials, and acting. I think it's so fun to express yourself on camera rather than just to take pictures. But in commercial modeling, in expressing yourself, it's so much fun. I love being in front of the actual video camera, so I'm looking forward to that part.

What else would you pursue besides modeling?

Well, I would love be a beluga trainer. I have wanted to be one all my life. I love to do that as well as model and act. I got the opportunity to swim with the beluga whales and interact with them a couple of summers ago, and it was so amazing. The trainers get to wake up every morning and work with the beluga whales all day long. It's so awesome to see the faces of the little kids when they get to see the beluga whale and the tricks they get to do with you. It's just so awesome. I also wanna work with the elderly, with older people. I love old people. I love to hear their stories -- all their stories about life and childhood and growing up. I think our elders are the people that make up the world right now, and they're the ones who have the most knowledge of what happened back then. I just think it's so neat to give back to them and thank them so much.

Well thank you so much, Jaclyn. It was a pleasure watching you this season and talking to you.

Oh thank you so much. It was a pleasure talking to you as well.

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