'Top Model' Interview with Alexandria: 'I'd Rather Be a Bitch-Boss Than a Cowardly Lion'
'Top Model' Interview with Alexandria: 'I'd Rather Be a Bitch-Boss Than a Cowardly Lion'
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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I had a long list of questions laid out to ask Alexandria, the latest model eliminated from America's Next Top Model cycle 16. But after watching the confident, confrontational California girl on the show, where she struggled to be understood by her fellow models and was called too controlling by photographers, I probably should have known that Alexandria would take my first couple questions and run with them.

And I'm happy she did, because otherwise we may never have gotten to learn what Alexandria's definition of "bitch" is, why she found the Top Model house so stifling, and what qualities she hopes the winner of the cycle will possess. Say what you will about the self-described "lioness" (because she doesn't care either way!), but she knows how to make an impression, and a soundbite. And she took some gorgeous photos, too. Cycle 16 just wouldn't have been so exciting without her.

Here's what Alexandria had to say when we spoke yesterday after her elimination:

Meghan: Hi Alexandria, congratulations on being on Top Model and getting to the final four. How does it feel today?

Alexandria: It feels great. I can't wait to head to the beach and get on my board.

Yeah, you're finally free.

I know. I'm so excited. It will be an awesome first day back, getting my waves in.

Well, I've been wondering: What kind of reactions have you been getting from people who have seen you on the show?

You know, I get a little bit of everything. I get people that feel that I'm a little bossy or this or that, but at the same time I have other people writing me saying how much I've inspired them to go for what they have in their dreams, and that's what counts to me the most. I don't care if people think I'm a beautiful individual that creates haters, which spells out the B word, because that's what the B word means. It means a "beautiful individual that creates haters," and I added on my own word, boss. So it's B-I-T-C-H BOSS. "Beautiful individual that creates haters based on sass and skill." Because people have been saying I'm this and that, but at the same time I'm really not. I'm a person that's been through a lot, and if you can't see that because it's a show, people with a bigger outlook on things tend to understand a lot more. If people are just generally just watching the show, they tend to say some nasty comments to me, but guess what? I don't need that negativity, and I really haven't looked for anything about what people are saying, because I really quite frankly don't care.

I've always been taught if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. And if you have something to say, say it to someone's face instead of saying it behind someone's back. I feel that's a better outlook on things instead of being the catty girl, you know, kind of like a high school student. I'd rather be a grown mature woman where I can speak my mind freely because that is one of, you know, our amendments in this country that we live in. Freedom of speech! And why would you talk about someone behind their back if you actually have a real backbone. I feel like people that say things behind people's back have more of an insecurity with their self instead of actually dealing with it in the proper way. Whereas if you don't, if you're really confident, you can say anything to anyone anytime of the day. And it could be good or bad. But at least you have the guts to say it.

I'm sorry, hold on one second. My key is not working. This is a problem. There we go. Sorry couldn't get the trunk open.

Is this the new car that you won on the show?

No, they actually gave me a Papa Smurf colored blue mustang to drive around until I get my car. I am driving an electric blue convertible mustang.

That won't attract any attention at all.

No, none at all. [Laughs]

What you were just talking about, it's a very strong attitude, and it seems that may be part of the reason you rubbed the other girls the wrong way at first. Can you talk about that a little bit? What happened there?

I feel that too, because I feel maybe they were doing it behind my back because of the intimidation, or maybe because of... I don't really quite honestly know, because I didn't find out that no one liked me until I called Brittani out. She finally grew some cajones after I said "Yo, I can hear you," I feel like after being called out, she all of a sudden got a backbone where she needed to say it to my face, and that was the first time I was ever told. How can you know that people don't like you when they're acting like your best friend to your face, if behind your back they're talking a bunch of smack? I think that's very unfair, and I don't feel that's very professional at all, but at the same time it's a lesson we all have to learn in this life. And I'm not gonna hate that it happened, because it happened in the best way it could. It taught me a lot. I'm sure it taught her a lot. We both learned and we both wiped the slate clean.

I have the tendency to talk very strongly and passionate, and if I was not someone like me, I would be intimidated too. I'd say, "That girl knows what she wants and she's not gonna stop until she gets it." I'd be scared too, because I don't know any other person on this cycle that really said how they felt when they felt it. And that's what I did, and if that makes me a villain and if that makes me a bitch boss, then guess what? I'd rather be that than a cowardly lion.

When you watch the show, do you feel like you were portrayed accurately? And is there anything that you did or said that you wish you could change?

In life I've learned to never regret anything. Of course I want the show to portray that I'm this old soul. I really am an old soul. I'm very wise beyond my years, but they're gonna cut and edit what they want to make a show. That's why it's been on for 16 seasons. It's a great thing where it connects people to models, but the thing I was trying to do is, I was trying to connect models in a way where you don't have to be catty, you don't have to be the Naomi Campbell or the Tyra Banks. You want to be like the Tyra Banks, that didn't talk behind other people's backs, and really didn't care what other people said, because she made her name known and she did it the right positive way. If she had something to say, she didn't do it behind other people's back. She came out and said it.

So I think you have to take everything with a grain of salt, and I learned from it all. And if you can't learn from it, then why are you here in life? You only got one. It was a great experience. Sure there are things I would change. Would I control myself less? Absolutely, because I have that tendency of controlling a lot. Being locked away in a house with 14 girls, not being able to use the phone whenever we want, not being able to listen to music or watch television, get out or not being able to open a window if I wasn't allowed to. Normally if I wanna go jump off a cliff into the ocean, that's what I'm gonna do. If I wanna go surfing right now, that's what I'm gonna do. But to rewind back, it's kind of like a house with your parents. It was like we had to do this, and we had to do that. It's OK though, because now I know that setting. And if I ever get placed in that setting again, I know.  And it will be good. I'm excited and I just can't wait for the future and see what bigger plans the higher power has for me.

I wanted to ask you a little bit about the other girls. Last week with Kasia, we played a little word game. I'll say a name and then you can say whatever pops in your head about the girl.

Sure! I like that.




Let me think because I have a good one for Hannah. Unpredictable homeslice.


Fashion cyclone. Because when you look at her, you start to look at her face and it kind of winds you in, kind of like you're getting hypnotized. You wanna look at her whole face, then you wanna look at the way she moves, then her hair then it's really addicting. She's a great girl.

I like that. How about Kasia?

Undefined beauty.

And Molly?

Let me think, because I wanna use her different look. I have so many words coming to mind that I wanna put them all together: Unique, inspiring soul.
Those are great. Thank you so much. Well do you have any final words for me?

I can't wait to see the finale and see what girls get to the top, and to really root for whoever wants this the best. It's not about who wins, that's the biggest thing I really do have to say. It's about who does what with all of this. And it's how far you run with it. And whatever girl runs the fastest, the hardest then, my praise goes out to all of them of course, but it's about the one that has the drive and the passion for this and loves it as much as I do, because I know we all feel the same and we all want this so badly. I hope that in the future we can work as a team, because I know we're all gonna be in the same cities at some point, or different cities. It's all about being a family, and that's what I want the people in this industry to realize. It's not about being catty and you being on top because guess what, being on top by yourself is really lonely. I'd rather have a bunch of great extended family members like I already have in this industry. We've really become tight and close, and just hope for the best for each other.

Well, thank you so much Alexandria. It was great talking to you and I hope you do run with it.

Great talking to you. Of course, as fast as a cheetah!

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