Short Model Sensei: Tyra's No Revolutionary! (Thoughts on ANTM Cycle 13 Ep.3)
Short Model Sensei: Tyra's No Revolutionary! (Thoughts on ANTM Cycle 13 Ep.3)
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Hey ANTM fans! Please help me in welcoming our America's Next Top Model guest video blogger, professional petite model Isobella Jade! Each week she'll be sharing her insights about Cycle 13 with us here at BuddyTV from her vantage point as a pint-size model trying to make it in the industry.

By Isobella Jade

Seventy-two years ago, Seabiscuit, the smaller-than-average thoroughbred racehorse, became a champion on the Santa Anita Track. Last night at the Santa Anita, the pint-size hopefuls of America's Next Top Model Cycle 13 posed seductively with a horse.

The theme of the shoot was confusing. The CW website stated the models were to "give Lady Godiva a run for her money," and I doubt I was the only viewer who expected the girls to be posing with chocolate or candy in their mouths. It was only when I made a video on YouTube with my thoughts on the show that I received a comment that informed me the girls were supposed to BE Lady Godiva, who according to legend rode nude through the streets of Coventry, England.

I don't recall Tyra sharing this little bit of important info. I guess you were supposed to Google it yourself. Still, the theme to me appeared to be half-naked girls with barely-there garments on a horse, posing aside a jockey, each in basically the same pose.

But many other things were confusing last night on America's Next Top Model. Such as: why did Courtney leave?!

The Boot Gets The Boot
Even with her broken foot, Courtney was still hanging in there very well, and even the President of Wilhelmina, Sean Patterson, was impressed with her limping walk. However, during the "Seabiscuit" photo shoot, she was not feeling comfortable in her boot, and a few minutes later Tyra was telling her how her complaining was just too obnoxious for her to become America's Next Top Petite Model.

Courtney got kicked off for the wrong reason. Not feeling comfortable is part of a models job, and often you are put in awkward poses and have to suck up even pain and blood to get the job done, but Courtney, with her great skin, strong facial features, and great body for fitness and parts modeling, should have stayed. Despite her unstable foot, she had an "eye on the prize" mentality that top models need.

Why did Tyra kick off one the shortest girls already? Isn't this the season of the short chicks? Why kick off one of the shortest girls during just Episode 2?  

Maybe Courtney was put on the show in the first place because of her leg--more issues and drama for ANTM! I was sad to see the only model with some muscle on the show get kicked off so soon. She has great facial features, eyes and smile for beauty, skincare, and commercial print work and a great body for fitness and body part modeling.

When Rachel was kicked off because she didn't give a powerful or fierce enough introduction to the president of Wilhelmina, but I hope she still pursues modeling, because she has beautiful eyes for cosmetics, skincare, and commercial print modeling.

Ride Sally Ride

Shorter models are more likely to work as print models, and while it is not a daily thing, print models do sometimes end up working with animals. I am not sure that Tyra was thinking of how posing with a horse could help a print model, but the idea of working with an animal, product or even posing and modeling with another model is an element of modeling that shorter girls should know about. 

The girl who stood out on the horse was Lulu, who looked graceful with her calm and coy expression--the final shot looked like a jewelry ad. Laura seemed very comfortable half naked, but the whole point of being nude on the horse to me was ridiculous. It didn't teach the girls anything about working with animals and props, and the outfits were just too slutty. I doubt any of the girls will be able to use the photos for their modeling pursuits after they get kicked off the show. Too much makeup, and the "smiling with the eyes" came off too seductive and forcefully sexy. The whole shoot was wasted time in my eyes.

Bianca and Erin looked the worst to me, like prostitutes on horses. Brittany looked like she was totally posed sprawled out lying across the horse, and Sundai was beautiful, but the hairstylist for the shoot didn't adjust her hair and the photo was dissed by the judges. On the show, the girls are just left often to "figure it out themselves," and while models often have to do that on the job, it is frustrating that these girls have never posed nude, or with animals, and they are expected to be naturally perfect while doing it.

What Seabiscuit's Legacy Can Teach Us
When I need inspiration, I have turned to stories of short successful people. There are many out there to admire, such as Mugsy Bogues, one of the shortest basketball players to play in the NBA, Andrew Carnegie, who was only about five feet tall, and Coco Chanel, who was a pint-size pixie. Seabiscuit is on my list as well.  Seabiscuit had a fire in him and his trainers, jockey and owner all knew it. Sometimes being given the chance or giving yourself one is the biggest step towards becoming who want to be. The same can be applied to modeling. It is not easy to model as a shorter girl, however when it comes to the question: "Can short women really model?" The answer is yes. Short models can and do work with many brands, but it does take a huge amount of ambition. Seabiscuit did not win every single race. He was not a Supermodel horse. But he definitely had his share of success.  

Tyra Is NOT A Revolutionary Here
Short girls have modeled in ad campaigns, editorials in magazines, and for lifestyle product ads way before she let them on the show. In fact, commercial print models are all heights and sizes. Watch commercials. Look at print ads in magazines. They are not all fashion model. Tyra, in my opinion, has waited way too long to let shorter girls on the show. I have been modeling since 2001, and I am shorter than all the girls in Cycle 13. If I can model, anyone with determination can. If you know how to market what you've got, there is modeling you can chase and achieve in the commercial print area.

I leave you with this Model Quote: "So what if I am a shorter, height challenged, itty bitty, petite, teeny, tiny, miniature, pint-sized or a half pint, little foot, small fry, punitive, peanut, mini me, pocket-size, wee, munchin, modelette, modelita, Thumbelina, or a pipsqueak? I can still model. And so can you. Tyra isn't everything in modeling."

The next episode is titled "Make Me Tall." Maybe Tyra should just "Let Them Be Short," and teach them how to use what they DO have to get ahead!

Rock what you've got,

Isobella Jade is known as one of the tiniest working models out there. She is also the author of Almost 5'4", her modeling memoir, and the upcoming graphic novel, Model Life: The Journey of a Pint Size Fashion Warrior. Daily Isobella gives modeling insight and advice on her blog on being a shorter-than-average model, and speaks weekly on her radio show called Model Talk. Jade has booked modeling jobs for Marshalls , Victoria 's Secret, Easy Spirit, Macy's, Time Magazine, TLC, and more, and has been featured in The New York Daily News, The New York Times,, Page Six, The New York Post, and Nylon.

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