Reader Reactions: America's Next Top Model Cycle 9 Finale
Arguably one of the weaker cycles in America's Next Top Model history, the ninth cycle ended last night with Saleisha crowned the winner. Thirty-five percent of BuddyTV readers, a healthy minority, thought that Saleisha's win was well-deserved, but most of the comments were from disappointed viewers who were hoping for a different outcome.

One of the biggest issues that kept BuddyTV commenters abuzz was that Saleisha had previous modeling experience, as well as a personal relationship with America's Next Top Model creator Tyra Banks, that should have disqualified her from the competition.

sventopia thought that the final two were rigged in Saleisha's favor because "Saleisha came into the competition having years of modeling experience, and having participated in one of Tyra's self-esteem-oriented camps. Jenah and Heather were the strongest competitors, neither of whom had any experience, but they were clearly sent home to get out of Saleisha's way. Look for a new talk-show deal for Saleisha sponsored by Tyra." I'll be sure to look out for that!

Chiming in, mayaderen said, "Well that wasn't much of a surprise knowing that Saleisha went to Tyra's model camp and she looks like a Tyra clone." And alekseii agreed,"I think it's blatantly obvious why Saleisha won: Tyra freakin knew her, she had personal and professional experience with tyra. It's like this whole season was a set-up."

Using this information, littlshortdude16 advised aspiring America's Next Top Model modelettes: "If you go to T-ZONE, past ANTM runway, a nationally run Wendy's commercial, and cameo in Ugly Betty, and a runway on the Tyra show, you will win ANTM."

Jsy0523 added two cents explaining Saleisha's previous experience: "I know that there is a .pdf (the eligibility) that I posted somewhere that mentioned that you must not have any TV appearances stuff like that. but then some of the spoilers from other sites have pictures that she appeared on, like the Tyra Banks Show stuff like that."

However, urface11992 came to Saleisha's defense with this comment: "okk, all u haters hoo say that they don't like Saliehsa, ur all dumb!!!!!!! u noe how many previous top model contenders had top model experience, alot!! Its just Saliesha came out with the fact that she had previous experience. Saleisha, just owned that runway, and Chantal sucked!!! this was the best cycle, they had the best potential models i think of any season, but i am happy with the winner!"

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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