America's Next Top Model Cycle 12: Finale Live Thoughts (Page 2/4)
America's Next Top Model Cycle 12: Finale Live Thoughts (Page 2/4)
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
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Back to Teyona's freak out. She says her nerves got the best of her and it was bad. It certainly is. Mister Jay tries to console Teyona, which seemingly works. Teyona finally gets through a take, but she over exaggerates her mouth when talking and it looks a little scary and alien-ish, in a bad way. It's photo shoot time for Teyona, and as usual, she shines in front of the camera.

The girls arrive back at the house to Tyra Mail: You will meet with the judges and only two of you will continue in the hopes of becoming America's Next Top Model.

Aminat seems confident, she says she wasn't good at the CoverGirl commercial, she was freaking phenomenal. Teyona is still crying about her commercial. She feels she let herself down. Wow, we haven't seen this side of Teyona. She says ANTM is everything to her before breaking out into sobs.

It's panel time. It's time to check out the commercial, wow Allison and Aminat both look gorgeous, Teyona not so much. I'm starting to believe that Allison could be a Cover Girl if CoverGirl got their heads out of their butts about not using "edgy"' models. Seriously, think of how many hipster chicks, quirky girls, and nerds they could sell Cover Girl too with a girl like Allison as a spokesmodel. I guarantee you a lot more girls identify themselves with those descriptives than the "All American Girl Next Door." Yawn.

Teyona is first for an individual critique and it's time to see her best take of the Cover Girl commercial. Even her best take is painful. Tyra is literally rolling her eyes. Not a good sign. The judges freak out a little bit about Teyona and basically ask her WTF was happening. Teyona starts crying again. As for Teyona's Cover Girl photo, it's another 3/4 shot, surprise surprise. Tyra says that Teyona's photo is the definition of smiling with your eyes. The judges love Teyona's photo, as they always do.

Next is Allison. Allison's best take is good, but lacks pep. The judges say it's okay, alright, not bad. Tyra says it's almost there, and then goes in to some ridiculous poses and says that's how people really talk. I think you're wrong Tyra. Paulina is impressed with how expressive Allison's voice was. Allison's Cover Girl photo is gorgeous, but still another over-the-shoulder glance. Tyra says Allison did amazing in her photo shoot and convinced her she could be a commercial model.

Aminat is last and her take is by far the best of the girls. The judges clap for her and and are super pleased with her performance. Wow, even Aminat's Cover Girl photo is pretty good. But Tyra says her film was "wah-wah" (sad sound). It's one of Aminat's best photos to date, but the judges still don't seem to think it's good enough.

It's the first deliberation of the evening.

The judges love Teyona's photograph, but thought her commercial was dreadful. Paulina says she's a wonderful one dimensional model. Tyra shoots death rays at Paulina after this comment, maybe that's why she was fired? No critiquing the chosen one!

Next up for criticism is Allison, and they don't really talk at all about Allison's photo or commercial. WTF judges? Instead they talk about her being short for the runway. Why haven't we heard this complaint all cycle then judges?

Lastly it's Aminat's turn, the judges say she's great on the runway but not in photos. Really, that's about all they say. Though I'm sure Tyra talks longingly about Aminat's body too. Tyra has a total crush on Aminat's figure, and we can't blame her.

So who will make it to the finale and a Rosa Cha fashion show?

Allison is the first girl called! Hooray!

So it's Teyona's first time in the bottom two and Aminat's fourth. There is no way that Teyona is about to be eliminated, right?

Aminat looks gorgeous and Tyra says the judges think she is stunning and that the next fabulous body in fashion has arrived. She says her Cover Girl commercial was the strongest. As for Teyona, the judges are super nervous about her terrible commercial, but they love her edgy and fabulous photos.

So who stays in the competition?

Teyona, obviously.

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--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer