America's Next Top Model Cycle 12: Finale Live Thoughts (Page 4/4)
America's Next Top Model Cycle 12: Finale Live Thoughts (Page 4/4)
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
It's final panel time and the girls are wearing bikinis for their final judging. Weird. Still, both girls look gorgeous.

It's critique time:

Allison, to my surprise you came through. The judges were all shocked and amazed by how great Allison did on the runway. Tyra says she expected her to be a buck-eyed mess, but was the exact opposite. Thanks? I think.

The judges liked Teyona's walk, but said that it was robotic at times. We totally agree with the judges on that. Teyona' s walk was fierce, but no fun.

It's time for the judges to critique the girls entire portfolio. First up is the light yourself challenge, which Teyona won, but the judges have decided they like Allison's better now. Next up is the face paint photo shoot, the judges think that Teyona's photo was beautiful, while Allison's was startling and weird. Next is the Ciara photo shoot and the judges are really chatting up Allison's photos. We knew they loved Teyonas, but it turns out they love Allison's too. Lastly it's Tyra's photo: Tyra says she enjoyed shooting Allison more. Regarding Teyona's photo, Nigel says it's not her best. While Tyra says she thinks Teyona's photo is stunning, but she could have done better. Miss J poo-poos it all and says Teyona is all sorts of fabulous.

Wow, this is really a close one. It's obvious the judges have loved Teyona all Cycle, but it seems like Allison is making a very strong argument why she should be America's Next Top Model. What do you think, will ANTM shock us all and name Allison the winner? Someone who could actually be a *gasp* top model?

It's deliberation time and Tyra is wondering "Who the Hell is America's Next Top Model" and so are we. Regarding the runway, while Teyona was a good walker, that was expected. On the other hand, Allison blew the judges away. Nigel says he likes both girls for different reasons, and thinks they have the biggest transformation ever. (Which I think he may say every Cycle.) Miss Jay is all about Teyona, but thinks Allison would be more successful in editorial international fashion circles. Paulina isn't sold on Teyona, but she loves Teyona's honesty and that she is accessible.

The judges have reached a decision.

The girls walk back and Tyra asks, "Are we nervous?" Tyra says both girls are incredibly strong, but they see a little more strength in one of them.

So, America's Next Top Model is: Teyona.

No surprise there.

Tyra tells Allison that she should be proud of herself and Allison, making us love her more, says she is super proud of herself.

So there you have it, as we knew since basically the second or third week, America's Next Top Model is Teyona Anderson.

A big congratulations to both Teyona and Allison. In a way, I think tonight's results serve them both the best. While Teyona wins the Cover Girl/Seventeen magazine package and an agency, Allison has gotten a ton of exposure and can pick and choose what she wants to do.

Remember:  I'll be interviewing  Allison, Aminat and Teyona in the next two days. So please please submit your questions for the girls over at BuddyTV's Twitter.

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--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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