#4 & 3 America's Next Top Model: Part Two of All-Stars Showdown
#4 & 3 America's Next Top Model: Part Two of All-Stars Showdown

4. & 3. (Tied)

Naima Mora (Cycle 4)
Editorial = 6
Commercial = 8
Height (5'9”) = 10
Runway = 9
OVERALL = 8.25

Watching Naima during cycle 4, I found her look so interesting and beautiful, I was surprised at how much less engaging her photos seemed when taken out of context. While her ‘hawk and her live personality had an edge, that edge was dulled when it came time to take a picture. Her shots seem as though she is holding something back. Her cuteness factor, though, makes her commercial work more engaging.

I was surprised that she was within the desired height range; for some reason I perceived her to be shorter, but she’s not, so full points there.

During her cycle, Miss J. didn’t judge her to win the runway challenge, but I think she was robbed. Great walk, only dinging a point for not being quite as charismatic or arresting as I think she could be.

Caridee-weeeeeCaridee English (Cycle 7)

Editorial = 8
Commercial = 8
Height (5'10”) = 10
Runway = 7
OVERALL = 8.25

Reviewing her film, I was struck by how strong all of her shots were. Even when her face was covered by an elephant nose in the freak show shoot, she was still very emotive and connected with the camera. She proved that she could soften her look and handle commercial work as well. I did have to ding some points, though, simply because she can photograph a little bit older, which, were she a model in the real world starting out, would have possibly limited her options.

She loses no points for height, but her sometimes goofy, over-the-top persona did create a less-than-perfect runway walk.

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(Images courtesy of CW)