Mayhem Ensues in 'America's Next Top Model' Auditions
Being a part of a reality series might be quite a riot to some, but it never got as gruesome as this.  Last Saturday, three people were arrested after a chaotic America's Next Top Model Cycle 13 audition at a New York hotel.  The authorities also revealed that six more were injured, with two of them seeking treatment at a hospital.

Unfortunately, the police have not confirmed what caused the frenzy, but are looking into what might have provoked it.  There were three people who were charged with disorderly conduct and inciting a riot.  This was in connection with the said Manhattan incident at the Park Central New York hotel.

While the police keep pondering the cause of the chaos, numerous sources have already stated what they think happened.  According to the Hollywood Reporter, WINS radio, a local station, reported the incident as a stampede, due to the number of individuals present during the event.

Of course, there were thousands of people gathered outside the hotel, hoping for their chance to make it big in the fashion and modeling industry.  Most of them had even lined up all night just to audition, bringing chairs and sleeping bags with them.

Below, you can find the video of what happened during the Cycle 13 auditions.

Apparently, all the confusion erupted after a car belching smoke pulled up near a line of women late that afternoon.  This led to cries of “Fire!” among those in the crowd, which triggered the bouts of panic among the aspiring contestants.  The tension escalated when a man leaped from a car and started to grab several purses of the women nearby. 

The authorities continued to say that the audition no longer pushed through after the occurrence.  There hasn't been any word from America's Next Top Model representatives, as many who tried out for the hit CW show are still waiting for results.  Calls to Park Central management were not returned right away as well.

Despite the anarchic turn of events, the series' website has confirmed that more auditions for America's Next Top Model will still push through in Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: CNN, The Hollywood Reporter
(Image Courtesy of the CW)