Jay Manuel: A Prison of Platinum?
Jay Manuel is known for being just as perfectly made-up as the models he directs in the America’s Next Top Model photo shoots. That flawless face, however, isn’t his true trademark; that would be his head of bleached platinum hair.

This signature look, though, might be so recognizable that he has now been locked into it – legally.

He has made recent comments indicating that the platinum look is “part of the brand of that person," meaning the public image of Jay Manuel. He also commented that it is actually “written into [his] contracts that [he] can't change that."

The National Post of Canada checked in with Jay’s bosses at his north-of-the-border venture, Canada’s Next Top Model, but they denied having the lock on his locks. That still leaves plenty of suspects, however, since Jay’s career is currently so diversified. It could be in his contract with the original America’s Next Top Model; any of the E! Network shows for which he is a commenter; the Style Network, where he is host of Style Her Famous; or possibly the backers of his make-up line Manual Override.

The drawbacks to this stipulation aren’t just the creative visual limits he must be feeling with regard to his style and look. As any bottle blond knows, achieving this bleached-out look requires quite a lot of upkeep. He also comments that he has to maintain it every two weeks, and it “kills” him.

Right now, Jay’s look is mainly on display in Canada, as Canada’s Next Top Model, which has recently started Cycle Two and had its first two eliminations. In this version of the America’s Next Top Model franchise, Jay is taking on the Tyra Banks role, acting as host and lead judge. It looks likely, though, that he will continue to play his role as creative director of the photo shoots in the U.S. version when Cycle Nine begins in September of this year.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

(Image courtesy of CW)

(Source: National Post)