Tyra Watch: In Which We Try to Keep Up With America's Next Top Mogul
Tyra Watch: In Which We Try to Keep Up With America's Next Top Mogul
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Tyra Banks, model, mogul, inventor of SMIZE and keeper of the title of America's Next Top Model, is one busy lady. Can we keep up with her? No. But we can try. Here's what's up with Tyra this week.

First things first: Previously.

TGIF, right Tyra? Everybody's looking forward to the weekend, because even supermodel mogul masterminds have their limits. After a busy week of going on various TV shows and chatting about herself, Tyra posted this almost indecipherable message on Twitter: "Haven't felt like exercising cuz been busy n tired. But forcing self to workout 2day cuz it relieves stress n is good for body. U do 2, k?" So inspirational. Once I figured out what she was trying to say with "U do 2, k?" (Took three reads.)

What ELSE is up in Tyra's world, besides fatigue and fat-burning? Let's see what she's been up to:

Finally, FINALLYYYYYY, Launching TypeF.com! It's here, you guys! It's up and running and happening right NOW! Did you already sign up and tell Tyra all about your skin, hair, eyes and body so she can tailor looks and tutorials just for YOU? If you haven't yet (WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?) allow Tyra to convince you:

Did you feel that? Yes, I felt it too. The world is changed, for TypeF is here to make our makeup TIGHT until the end of time or we all get married!

(P.S. Tyra, if you're not too busy to read this: Can you give your videos a tutorial on how to not start playing automatically? That'd be grrrrreat.)

Talking about Her Harvard Business School "Dorm Room" with Jimmy Fallon: Tyra shops at Target. Stars, they're JUST LIKE US! Oh, except I learned on TIME.com that Tyra's business school program caters to CEOs who make between $5 million and "several billion" dollars every year, and that she's only staying in that millionaires-only fancypants dorm for three weeks every year. So it turns out stars aren't even close to like us, but they are pretty adorable when they pretend to be:

Hanging out with Bradley Cooper at BET's 106 & Park:
Hey, look! Pretty people!

Talking The Talk: OK, this is actually really funny. I saved the best for last! Tyra talks about her pet peeves, what she does that bothers other people, her crush on Jesse Eisenberg (!!!) and then she teaches Sara Gilbert how to smize. Sarcasm aside, sometimes I genuinely love Tyra. She crazy, but she KNOW it!

That's it for this week's Tyra Watch. Now go read all about what to wear for your body type and how to get rid of your special unique snowflake self's specific sort of flaws at TypeF.com! Oh, and check out the next challenge that Tyra's mentees will face on Top Model: A baby leopard!!!

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