Interview with 'Top Model' All-Star Alexandria Everett: Judging Inconsistency was 'Frustrating'
Interview with 'Top Model' All-Star Alexandria Everett: Judging Inconsistency was 'Frustrating'
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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In last night's music video challenge, Alexandria sang about wanting to "go, go, go" ... which is exactly what the judges asked her to do when they deemed her video the least "viral"-worthy of the bunch. Or something like that.

But, like so many of the all-stars I've spoken to this cycle, Alexandria sounded more relieved than disappointed that her time on the All-Star cycle came to a close. (After that music video madness, wouldn't you be, too?)

Still, she maintained the thoughtful, mostly positive attitude about her experience that we saw throughout the cycle. Here's Alexandria:

You had a pretty quick turnaround between cycles. Was that difficult for you to go straight from cycle 16 into cycle 17?

I would definitely say it was different from everybody else, but it was good for me. I just wish that maybe some of the other girls had known some of the prior work I'd done, because some of them thought I had just started modeling, that that was my first shot at it. Prior to cycle 16, I had been modeling for a good almost two years.

So there was some tension in the house from the girls who considered themselves more experienced?

I feel like sometimes people need to make themselves feel a certain way, to make themselves feel confident. So whatever they need to do to do that is fine by me. I feel like sometimes we all do it. But I just wish they maybe would have asked me about my experience, instead of just thinking that I had just gotten off of cycle 16 and I was nobody. I had done Fashion Weeks in New York and L.A., and print work all over the place, so I just wish maybe they would have asked me my experience instead of going off of their first judgment or instinct. That's sometimes what people that are little-minded do.

Did you feel like you changed at all between cycle 16 and cycle 17?

I don't think I changed, but I definitely think that people saw a different side of me. They saw the side that they didn't see on cycle 16, maybe as much. Instead of competing with girls that were some new and some experienced, that I experienced in cycle 16, in 17 I was dealing with girls who were all experienced.

When Tyra said about your photo at panel that you looked like a reality star, and then the very next week asked you all to look like reality stars in the photo shoot, was that frustrating?

Yeah, I thought that was a little frustrating, because it's kind of like ... you never really know what their consistency is going to be. With that, it was frustrating because it's like, one week you tell me I'm this way. And then the next week, you want me to be that way. I really didn't see the model, or the star aspect, or ... the star appearance in that at all. I thought it was frustrating, but hey, it's a reality show, so what are you going to do?

It seems like the judges are opening themselves to being able to be even more inconsistent, because this season they're asking you to be so much more than a model. What do you think of all these non-modeling challenges? Do you think they're helping you in any way?

I feel like, to be a model and to be a chameleon and to be a great actress or actor, and to be in this industry and be great at it in all aspects, you have to go into other areas and see what else you're good at, to really understand it all. In real life, there's all aspects of consistency, and with a reality show, it's not really about consistency. It's about inconsistency. Because that gives it a little more oomph, if you know what I'm saying.

You sound like you're kind of relieved to be done with reality shows, at least for the time being. Is that true?

Ohhh, yeah. Well, yeah. It was funny, you know, being welcomed into the America's Next Top Model family, being found on Facebook and being asked to be a part of that was really nice. And being asked to be a part of cycle 17 was really an honor and a privilege. It's not like I went out looking for it, it was an opportunity that presented itself, and I feel like everything that is put in your path, is put in your path for the right reasons. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be, and if it's not, guess what? It's meant for another reason. And now it's up to me to see what I can do with it, and what I can achieve with what I have now. And what I have now is more wisdom.

Are you going to stick with modeling or expand into other opportunities?

Oh, absolutely. I love modeling. I'm going to stick with it, fill my book. I just got done doing L.A. Fashion Weekend and I'll see where that takes me. But I'm also aspiring in other areas, such as acting and doing stuff like that. So I'm always open, and I'm very intrigued to see what the future holds.

When it came to your music video, you seemed so excited and confident about your song, but that didn't come across in the video. Why not?

Maybe because, you know, it's not really our music video. It's really "America's Next Top Model Pot Ledom" music video. So... maybe, you know, if I wanted one day to make another music video for myself, or maybe be in with a friend's band or something like that, it would be in our artistic image. It would be our vision, and our path. But with this, it was really their idea and their vision. Their idea to put me in six-inch heels and that dress and slick my hair back and makeup. And the mini vintage Porsche ... don't get me wrong, I love that car, really beautiful car. But it wasn't my concept. It wasn't my idea. It wasn't my ... how am I supposed to feel sexy in that? I love dancing, but I can't dance in a dress that ... I can't even dance in, you know? I felt like, if they really wanted me to do my own thing, I could have easily done that. But it was really what they wanted to brand it as, and I ran with it, and it didn't lead me to the next pedestal, and that's OK. I'm cool with it.

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