Former America's Next Top Model Finalist Stars in New Music Video
Former America's Next Top Model finalist Jade Cole is appearing in a new music video for “Halfway Back to Sane,” the debut single of rock band, Telling on Trixie.  The video, which was released on Sunday on networks and online video channels, costars Cole as the evil nurse.  According to guitarist Brad Small, Cole was the first choice for the role, given her persona in the highly-rated CW reality competition.

“With [Telling on Trixie lead singer] Derek playing the mental patient, we needed an evil nurse, a diva.  Jade from America's Next Top Model was the first person we thought of, because she's fierce, hot, and had been portrayed as such an aggressive diva on the show,” Small said in a press release.  "Jade really likes our music and immediately agreed to co-star. On-camera, she performed beyond expectations.  Off-camera, she was professional, friendly and outgoing.  By contract, she had her own separate relaxation area, but she was never there because she was socializing and taking pictures with the extras and crew.  She could easily become the Telling on Trixie muse.”

An avid fan, Jade Cole is delighted for having been included in the band's music video.  "It was my pleasure to be in the Telling on Trixie video.  They are an awesome band and I know they'll go far,” she said.

Cole first stepped into the spotlight when she appeared as a finalist on the sixth season of America's Next Top Model.  On the show, she was often criticized for her arrogance, and was known to make negative comments about fellow finalist, Gina Choe.  She was placed in the bottom three five times during her stay, but still managed to make it all the way to the Final Three.  She was eliminated during the season finale, uniquely exiting the competition by reading an excerpt from her own poem.

Following her departure from the reality series, Jade Cole continued to pursue her modeling career, with great success.  She has appeared in numerous runway shows in and out of the country, and has been affiliated with at least five different modeling agencies.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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