Exclusive Interview with Chris of 'Top Model' Cycle 15: 'I Was Ready to Go Home'
Exclusive Interview with Chris of 'Top Model' Cycle 15: 'I Was Ready to Go Home'
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Chris White is hilarious. If you've been watching America's Next Top Model this cycle, you know that. And so did the judges, who sent her off last night in perhaps the best way a person can be sent off from a reality competition: With open admiration for her talents as an actress, comedian and model. Not a bad way to leave a TV show.

For a model who was consistently deemed "too commercial" for this high-fashion Top Model season, making it to top five was quite a feat--one that Chris doesn't take for granted, and which she accomplished in part because of her charisma, which, when I spoke with her this morning, was still on full display. Her story about meeting a fan at Taco Bell had me cracking up.

Read it for yourself! Here's what Chris has to say about her time on Top Model:

Congratulations on making it on to America's Next Top Model, and getting so far in the competition. How do you feel about the whole experience?

Thank you! I feel good. I mean, I'm blessed that I even had the opportunity to be there. It wasn't meant for me to win, and I'm cool with that. I made it to top five, I got to see Italy, you know. I'm proud of myself. I'm proud.

What's it like watching yourself on TV? I know you were a big fan of the show before you got on it.

I don't like watching myself. It just feels weird! I've never seen myself on TV or you know, national television on top of that. I'm used to watching the show and seeing these other people with Tyra. When I see myself with Tyra, it doesn't feel real.

Did it feel real when you were there?

It felt very real. I couldn't believe it was happening. It felt very real. It's actually different now that I've done the show and I go back and I watch other seasons and I see, "Oh everything makes sense," because I've been through it.

Do you have any examples of that?

Like when I used to watch ... I can't think of the season, but it was when Naima was on it, and another girl, I think her name was Kendra. It was a particular episode, and they were talking about Kendra and her weight. And they kept saying, "Kendra is eating constantly," and I'm sitting here thinking, "Why are you all worried about this other girl? You know, you should be concerned about you and what it is you have going on." But once I did the show, it made sense to me, because you're locked in with these girls for weeks and weeks at a time. You can talk to your family from time to time, but the girls are the ones you interact with until you go home. So it's kind of hard to act like they don't exist, or you don't care what they say about you. It's really easy to get into drama. That's what I learned about being in this competition. Drama is very easy to get into. I didn't understand that when I was watching it.

Even if you didn't like watching yourself, I know I did, and a lot of other people did. You were definitely one of the more entertaining people on this season.

Thank you, thank you!

Do you get recognized a lot?

Not a lot, but when I do, crazy things happen! I saw this lady at Taco Bell and she started crying, she was so happy to see me. I'm going through the drive-thru, and I'm just saying, "Let me get a chalupa, let me get this, let me get that" and I pull up, and she's like, "Hey, I know you. Aren't you that girl from America's Next Top Model? You're Chris, right?" And I'm just like, "Yeah ..." I get afraid to be like, "Yes! That's me!" because I don't want to be conceited. So I was kind of timid. And she starts crying, like, "Oh my gosh!" and she calls everyone out from the back to come up to the front. So everybody in Taco Bell stops working, and they all come up to the front just to see me. She cried so long that she forgot to give us our change and our soda. So she's like, "Thank you, have a nice day," and I'm like, "I'm not going anywhere until you give me my food! Nice to meet you, but I want my food and my change!" She was that excited.

What did you think last night when you saw Kayla say that you might not want this prize as much as the other girls?

Yeah, I could see that, because these other girls wanted it so bad that they were putting up with a lot of stuff. And I was ready to go home because I wanted to see my family. Yeah, I wanted it, but I was ready to go home, I was missing my boyfriend and I'm not getting no good feedback. Everybody is just like, "You're commercial. You're commercial." And so I could see it coming. Plus, these girls could take really good pictures. So it's not like I didn't want to do it. But when it came down to who wanted it more, hey it probably wasn't me, and I'm cool with that. I've had my shine, let me move out and let the other girls who really want it, have it.

How do you feel about each of the final girls as a potential winner?

Either Kayla or Chelsey. They have the whole package. I think Ann is a beautiful person inside and out, she has a wonderful personality. But Ann's personality, you can't see it unless you get to know her. A lot of people who see me, they say, "You have such a nice personality, you're outgoing," because they can see that. I excrete that. But Ann does not, and you have to have the whole entire package, you have to be able to talk to people, you can't be shy. To me, Kayla and Chelsey have both of that. They can do all of it. Where I think Ann is only so good.

What about Jane?

Umm ... I don't have too much to say about Jane. Jane and me are cool, she's my friend, but to be honest, who do I want to win? Either Kayla or Chelsey. I think they want it more than Jane does.

Last night, when you were going home, they were telling you, "Go into comedy. Go into acting classes."  Are you going to pursue that?

Of course. That's been a part of me since I was little. I've been in plays, I've had an acting agency. This modeling really was new for me. But acting, that's right up my alley. It's definitely something I want to pursue, and it was a blessing to see somebody who's already in the business, somebody who already knows what talent is, notice that I have talent. So, yeah. I'm really going to see if I can take this somewhere.

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