Exclusive Interview: Hannah of 'America's Next Top Model'
Exclusive Interview: Hannah of 'America's Next Top Model'
Don't blame Top Model's Hannah if she's never interacted with gay, transgendered, or even black people before.  She's just a small town girl from Alaska.  In the season premiere, she talked about being chased by moose and not having any highways.  She was confronted by several girls in the house this season, who felt that she was racist.  Hannah defended herself, saying that she couldn't believe that anyone would ever think that about her.  Her biggest eyebrow raising moment came when she pushed Isis away from her in the hot tub.  Perhaps bad editing, perhaps a girl who didn't know any better.  In any event, in today's exclusive interview with Hannah, she had nothing but praise for Isis.  Due to a bad connection, the audio quality from the phone conversation was too poor to post but we've got enough quotes from this controversial model so that you can judge Hannah for yourself.
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On her modeling aspirations…

“I never had really grown up wanting to be a model. I went to California to audition. It wasn’t really stressful. There was just a lot of waiting and it really taught me to be a lot more patient.”

On the way that she was edited…

“I think I am naïve. Going into this competition and having Isis in the house, who’s such an awesome person… I feel that I met such great people. It’s helped me grow up and understand other cultures. I’m so lucky to have met Isis. She has really taught me a lot.”

On the reason that she was eliminated…

“I think it has to do with my inexperience. I’m okay with it. That was the best I could do and I think I did great for myself.”

On the photo that she’s most proud of…
“My favorite photo was the swimsuit one. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, that is just so cute’. It wasn’t called very high up but I think it was really cute.”

On which models really impressed her…
“I think McKey and Lauren Brie are drop dead gorgeous. Marjorie, Analeigh, they’re just so gorgeous. Everyone! They’re all so talented. They’re there for a reason.”

On modeling in the future…
“It really depends what comes in my future. I think modeling is something I never really considered before but if it becomes an option, that would be really great.”

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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